Friday, May 8, 2009

Fun Find Friday!

I have to give credit to my sister in law, Shelly, for this one! Shelly and Justin had this book made for Jackson one Christmas. The whole story is building the child's name, page by page, letter by letter. The website you order it from explains the book better than I can, so go to to read more about it. There is also one geared towards girls called My Very Own Fairy Tale. You can find it on the same website.

This is one of our special books, so it stays up on a high shelf in Jackson's room. Lately Jackson has been interested in identifying letters, so I thought he may enjoy reading this book. We have read it many times before, but he loves it even more now that he is getting older. Now, every time he sees the letter J, he gets really excited and says "LOOK!!!!! J for Jackson!!!" I actually squirted lotion in his hand the other day and he was thrilled to see the lotion randomly made a J in his hand. [laughing] " made J for Jackson in my hand!" I was the funniest mommy ever! (and I didn't even mean to be)

For those of you looking for a personalized and special gift for a child, this would be a great choice!

PS.... I am currently working on my blog layout in my spare time. I have been messing around with some digital scrapbooking kits, so bare with me as I am trying to teach myself what the heck I am doing!

Also, I must mention that Rigley is a very cute dog, however he doesn't look very normal in my blog header. His hair isn't as long as it appears to be. He was looking down with a goal of escaping from Jackson's hands. Every time Jackson looks at that picture, he says "What's that Mommy?" haha....he doesn't even recognize his dog. However, you do see 4 sets of eyes from the rest of us which is almost impossible to capture!


Kristy said...

It looks cute. What program are you using? You need to teach me. I have been messing with mine and I am LOST!

Sarah said...

I LOVE your design! Very fresh and simple!