Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Little Discovery.

Mary Kay Mint Bliss Lotion

My sister gave me this the other day. She got it in a gift basket from work or something, I really wasn't listening. (haha, just kidding Sis. You know I always listen to every word you say!

Anyways, it is for your feet and legs. I have used it several times and like it, but I just discovered something WONDERFUL about it.

Remember, Jackson isn't a big fan of taking a nap and honestly he is becoming more pleasant without a nap. However, I would be pleasant (more pleasant than you all know I already am!) if he would nap. Those 2 hours help me stay sane. They are important, FOR ME!

So.....what's my discovery?!

Mary Kay Mint Bliss
Jackson's legs and feet
a short little massage on his legs
a 2 year old asleep faster than 2 minutes!

I am shocked! I don't know how I feel about using this particular product on him. I am not reading anything bad about it, actually very good things, but I think I would feel better about finding one that is made for kids with the same mint, cooling relief.
Maybe something like this: Mint Chocolate Chip Body Lotion. I am going to keep searching though!

How about that?! I love discovering something so simple!


Marla said...

I'll have to keep this in mind! Naps ARE important...for the moms! :) (and I know...for the kids too!)

Sis said...

Seriously??? You stress me out.