Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our Growing Family.

The title of my blog, Our Growing Family, is a title I have considered changing since Aaron and I are pretty certain that our family of 4 is done growing. (Growing as in expanding in numbers...or growing as in adding to the craziness....)

Though the NUMBER is probably most certainly complete, the SIZE of our little off springs continue to grow each and every day.

Every night before I go to bed, I check on Jackson and Garrett and kiss their little foreheads. Last night as I was watching Jackson sleep, I just stared at him forever (which isn't out of the norm for me). He is growing up. He is still in his toddler bed, which means that his mattress is still the same mattress he slept on when he was a newborn baby, only the crib is now converted to a toddler bed. Wow, how his size changed. I can't explain what it was, but he just looked like a KID. My plan is to redo his room and put him in a twin bed when he turns 3 in September. Hopefully he can make it until then.

As for Garrett, when I look at him, I know he is getting older, but I expect it more. I am somewhat more prepared for it since I just went through all these stages with Jackson.

With all that being said, it is easier for ME to NOTICE how much they are changing, but it is harder for me to READ it. That makes it a fact. A sad, sad, fact. Here is what my weekly e-mail said for Garrett from

Your 14 month old, Week 2:
Does it seem as if one minute your toddler's a shrinking violet clinging to your leg, and the next he's eagerly toddling toward the swing set without a backward glance? Those are classic examples of the push and pull your child will exhibit on the road to independence. There's not much to do but accept that sometimes he'll act needy and other times he'll ignore you. Give him the space he needs to explore (provided it's safe), but stay close by for the occasional hug of reassurance.

"Not much to do but accept," "independence," "occasional hug" ??????????

I have issues with all this growing up business. Yes, at times it is great that he is more independent, but as his mother shouldn't I have a little golden button I can press when I say that the baby of the family can grow up? I'm the mom, I get to make the rules.....where are the little golden buttons? Did my ob/gyn forget to give me one after delivery?


Mom said...

Cute, cute blog! A golden button would be great! The boys are at such a fun age. Time does fly by. It seems like you and your sister were just that age. What is that quote you like? "Enjoy the little things, for 1 day you may realize they were big"! I'm glad you live your life that way with your boys and Aaron.
Love You,