Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blair's Graduation

Let's start with pictures from our trip to Austin for Blair's Graduation! Still more to post from the weekend, but this is where our weekend began....

Dinner @ The Oasis on Lake Travis. Such a BEAUTIFUL Place!

Blair's Graduation Lunch @ County Line

@ Blair's Graduation

Garrett was very concerned about Uncle Blair's hat -

Jackson loved "Uncle Blair Jackson's Hat" as Jackson called it. (Yes, that is Blair's name, Blair Jackson....Jackson is a family name from Aaron's family and my family, so Jackson loved saying Uncle Blair Jackson)

I like this picture below because people normally say Garrett looks just like Aaron or like the Jordan side of the family. However, we were around lots of family this weekend and it amazed me the things I heard. NORMALLY it is "Jackson looks just like Kelli" & "Garrett looks just like Aaron." That is what I am used to hearing. However this weekend I heard it all....and it was never a combo....it was "JUST LIKE" with everyone. That's what I find interesting. I heard "Garrett looks just like Kelli" & "Jackson is looking more and more like Aaron." We have always heard Garrett looks like Melvin or Melvin's brother Gilbert (who has red hair), but this weekend someone said Garrett looks like my mom....which my mom and I look a lot a like. It is just crazy to me! It really is Garrett's eyes and hair color that throws everyone off. I think those that look past the hair and eyes will see me, but the others see Aaron. Sorry, back to pictures...


Mom said...

Oh my gosh, what great pictures! You could just tell how much the boys were taking it all in. Congrats to Blair Jackson Leake!!

Kristin said...

Before I got down to the part where you wrote about how Jackson is looking like Aaron now, I was already thinking it and was going to put it in my comment!!

Those pictures are all so good!! Shelly's belly is so cute!!