Thursday, July 16, 2009

What a Day.

Today was Aaron's MRI. Aaron mentioned to the doctor the other day that he has issues being in small enclosed areas, so the doctor prescribed him an anxiety medication called Lorazapam. Last night Aaron had to go to work and it was my understanding that he was going to drop the prescription off on his way to work and we would pick it up today on our way to his MRI.

Here's our day - (sorry for the length of this blog!)

7:00: I get up, shower, feed boys, get ready quietly so that Aaron could catch up on some sleep, while feeling as though I could throw up any moment.
I knew I was worried, but I knew we may be facing THE results today.
"What news would we have going to bed tonight? Would it be good news? Would it be something that requires major surgery? If so, I would have to go back to work because Aaron wouldn't be able to work. A teacher's salary doesn't cover Aaron's salary, so where would I work? This has to be an injury. It would make perfect sense. But, does something like a tumor ever make perfect sense? What if we go to bed tonight with news that Aaron only has 3 months to live. No, No...Aaron is too young for that bad of news. Too young? What about all the babies who get cancer?" You get my point?? I wanted to throw up!

8:30: Decided to wake up Aaron so he could get ready to go.
K: "Aaron, did you take your prescription in to be filled so we can pick it up on our way?"
A: "No, we can just drop it off on our way."
K: "Aaron! It takes awhile for them to fill it." (Oh my...what if he doesn't take anything??)
A: "Alright. I'll run to Wal-Mart right now."

9:10: (We need to leave at 9:30) Aaron is back, gets ready real fast, Dianne gets here to watch the boys, and we are out the door.

9:45-10:20: Aaron runs in to pick up his prescription. They said he needed to eat with the medication, so he buys a bag of trail mix as well. Aaron takes the meds and begins eating his trail mix like a normal person. Within a few minutes, I start noticing that he is very chatty with me. Random things. Then I notice he is basically throwing handfuls of trail mix into his mouth (yes, Aaron always eats fast and a lot....but doesn't normally THROW from hand to mouth) He asked me if I wanted some, I took a few, then he went on and on and on about how he thought I would want more because they are salty and sweet just like I like. He then shoves the trail mix bag into his pocket.....something Aaron would NEVER do. Crumbs in Aaron's pocket is a no no. Normally he would have folded up the bag and put it in my cup holder.

He then decides it is time to, still wanted to throw up, but I never wanted him to know that. So....Aaron sings...and sings. I drive. We have never been to this place. I knew it was on Galloway and since the other day Aaron said he knew where it was, I never looked it up. However, it wasn't where Aaron thought it was and at this point I felt like I was dealing with a intoxicated 5 year old.

10:25 (appt. at 10:30): I am trying to call his doctor for directions. I tell Aaron to call information. His doctor went to voicemail, so I am trusting Aaron to get an address. The place is called Galaxy Treatment or something like that. Aaron said to information "I need the number to Galaxy MRI" and he thought that was the funniest thing ever.
They give us an address and Aaron, very casually, informed me that it would be on the other end of Galloway down by the hospital. At this point his appointment is in about 1 minute. He goes back to worries....and tells me "Kelli, we will get there. Galloway is short. Don't you remember cruising it in high school?" and then starts telling me old cruising stories of things they would do. Seriously!! Who is this guy. Why does he not care that his appointment is in about 30 SECONDS and we don't even know where the place is. Why am I the only one stressed?! Oh yeah....because he took meds.!

At appointment: I didn't get to go in the room, but I got to sit right outside his door. Every time the tech went in, I could see Aaron and talk to him.
Aaron first went in for about 25 minutes, in which he fell asleep. Then, they had to inject dye into his veins....which took forever to find a good vein in his hand....Aaron is telling them that sometimes when they let him squeeze a ball it really helps. The way Aaron was saying it was cracking me up. I think Aaron thought this was some new wonderful discovery. He described the ball to the tech.

Finally they get it and Aaron goes back in for about 15 minutes. This time I knew Aaron was awake because I could hear the tech say "Aaron, I need you to be really still. We are going to have to redo that one." So, that 15 minutes turned into much longer.

After everything was done, they said his doctor would have the images in 2 this would mean we wouldn't know anything until Monday or maybe even Tuesday. However, luckily Aaron's Uncle David is a neurologist in Austin and wanted them to put the MRI on a disk for him to review. We have some helpful professions in our family!!

Lunch: At this point, Aaron was pretty calm and what I thought to be kind of normal. He suggested going to Chili's and I agreed. This lunch was not too pleasurable to say the least. The hard part was the fact he really felt like he was being normal. At times he was being funny in his conversation, but at Looking around the restaurant smiling at people with a silly smile....etc. When he said "I'll be back, I have to go to the restroom" I just froze and told him if he sees anyone he knows, just please act like you don't see them. I didn't know how he would be able to explain everything in the "state" that he was in. When he got back, I asked him if he saw anyone. He said, "No, I didn't look at the tables....I just looked ahead with a smile on my face!" Yikes.

Aaron thought it would be a wonderful idea to go to Academy, in which I had to put my foot down and say "no, we are going home." Since Aaron had NO WORRIES (aka: no budget) - I knew a store filled with things he loves wouldn't be a good idea....not to mention he would probably think it would be okay to play a game of chase or hide and seek throughout the store.

Going home: He passed out.

Home: He pretty much said hi to his mom and went straight to bed. I heard him on the phone a few times, so please forgive him if you talked to him and he didn't make sense.

4:00: I have to go to the post office so I can overnight the CD to Uncle David. 4:30 is pick up, but Aaron is still sleeping. I would bring the boys with me, but Garrett is taking his nap as well. I wake up Aaron and tell him I have to run to the post office really fast if he could just sit on the couch and watch Jackson and listen for Garrett to wake up. He was groggy, but was trying to wake up. I made sure he was okay and I left.

I was gone maybe 10 minutes....when I walked in the back door, I heard Jackson saying in a soft, sweet voice, " your eyes. Daddy....time to get up. Open your eyes Daddy." I am pretty sure Aaron was asleep the whole time I was gone. Luckily it was only Jackson he was watching. I asked Jackson what Daddy was doing while Mommy went to the post office and he said "Oh, Daddy just sleeping."

Around 5:30: I am cooking dinner and Prince Charming decided to wake up. He walked into the kitchen like a normal day. He was THANKFULLY back to normal!

Tonight I remembered that medicines tend to have an larger effect on Aaron than the average. Dianne once told me about bringing Aaron home from having his wisdom teeth removed. Aaron really wanted to jump out of the car and walk home. Then when he had to have the biopsy on his lip (from dipping) a few years ago. They put him under for the procedure, he went to recovery to wake up and they said he should be back to normal within the hour. Oh no....Aaron was out all day long....and when he spoke, it didn't make any sense. So, I have finally realized Aaron and any type of pain medication, relaxer, etc. don't mix well.

What's the News?: Uncle David should have the MRI images by noon Friday. He will review them and let us know. Aaron also has the nerve study test Friday morning, but I guess we will hear those results from his doctor. Luckily we have Uncle David to give us the MRI data ASAP!


Kristin said...

That is good that you have a family member that can get you results faster!!! Keep us posted!

That story made me laugh, cruising Galloway?? Really? LOL I can hear Aaron saying all that, which makes it even more funny!!

The Thomas Times said...

I am with Kristin...I could just hear Aaron telling that story. I know you were in no mood to kid around, but maybe that was just what you needed! I hope all went well today with the nerve study. We are still praying for you guys!