Monday, July 6, 2009


Pictures from 4th of July....

Jackson's first time to EVER fall asleep while eating!!!!!

Jackson was really hyper when we first got to Gilbert and Josephine's house. He went up to this little statue and said "Hello little man. What's your name? I'm Jackson!"

This is one picture from the ten thousand pictures I tried to take of Jackson and Garrett. However, we were at a new place and they wanted to be on the run. In this picture, Jackson is cooperating and waiting for Garrett to sit down, however Garrett never chose the sitting down option.

Aaron doing poppers with some of the kids -
Jackson and Joshua were having a serious conversation. I heard Joshua tell his mom later, "Did you know Jackson's last name is Jordan too!?"

There was a big air show over the lake with huge planes. We saw a few fly over, so the kids were pretending to be airplanes -

Chasing bubbles -

Jackson and Garrett with their cousin Madyson -
They were pretending to eat and feed each other grass.
They thought it was hilarious! So easily amused....

Madyson going in for an open mouth, passionate kiss with her cousin -
I am sure they will love this picture when they are older.

Jackson passed out -
(How he passed out before his Uncle Michael I still don't understand!! haha!!!)

We didn't get to have a lemonade stand because the lake was so rough on the 4th that there were hardly any boats on the lake. However, the boys still got to have fun in the sun. We will have a lemonade stand another time!


Kristin said...

So cute! I love their matching outfits!!

Marla said...

Looks like ya'll had a happy 4th!

And off of the subject...Garrett is really starting to look like such a big boy (not big as is BIG...but big as in...not a little baby anymore). :)