Sunday, July 19, 2009

Starbucks and My New Plan.

I enjoy Starbucks. We actually started saving money once I became a stay at home mom and started cooking more at home. I am sure we could save even more if I ALWAYS drank coffee out of our coffee maker, which I normally do. However, a few days a week - I want Starbucks and I don't care that my drink cost $3.41 (Can you tell I always get the same drink?)

There are two food places that Jackson could recognize anywhere. Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A. Why Starbucks? Because I let him get this.....

....which caused my $3.41 to go up. This was fine, until Garrett noticed what Jackson was getting. I now have to get my drink, plus 2 organic chocolate milks. Yes, I could say no, but then I would have two screaming children on our drive home and what's enjoyable about having Starbucks if you're going to have 2 screaming children? This is a battle I let them win without a fight.

Friday night we went to Costco and I got an idea!

Costco sells these by the case at a "non-Starbucks jacked up price!" I tried my best to hide them in the cart and I hid them when we got home.

Here's my plan - when I decide to make a Starbucks run, I am going to secretly put 2 of these in my purse. Then when I get my drink, I will give them theirs. We go through the drive thru, so they will never know! Aaron told me to just buy the boys their darn chocolate milk, but I like my plan better! I like to be the tricky mom that saves! Those 2 chocolate milks at Starbucks price adds up over time!


The Thomas Times said...

I Like It!!!
Be sneaky as long as you can...because it won't last!

Emilie Mason said...

You crack me up!

Sis said...

I think you should get a nifty little coffee maker like me and then you would limit your Starbucks to a couple times a month!

Aunt Kelly said...

Just wait until you have to tell them that they shut down Chucky Cheese and that is why Mommy can't take you there anymore - only to get a call from a parent the next week saying that my son made her son cry because his birthday party was planned at Chucky Cheese and my son told him that it was closed! PRICELESS!

Justin and Shelly said...

I've missed reading your blog! LIving without internet is tough! I am playing catch up today at my parents :) But...I have to say that this is Justin's favorite drink too! This is THE chocolate milk he tried to put on my baby registry - hahaha!