Friday, July 17, 2009

Remember my bald little baby boy?

That bald little baby got his first hair cut today. (I know, I know....take a moment and grab a Kleenex....)

I ONLY had her trim the edges (neck, around ears....) so the actual length on the top and sides is still the same. He does look more like a little boy now and less of a baby, but I don't think it is too drastic.

Garrett did really good! We went to a place in Rockwall. We were the only people there at the time, so it was very calm and more pleasant than Jackson's first haircut. Since I didn't want much taken off, it took less than 10 minutes.

I am posting a lot of pictures, but why not?! It's his first hair cut!!

Garrett looking at Jackson probably wondering if he can help get him out of this situation -

Getting hair sprayed with water -

He actually didn't give me very many "moments" to capture. He was very laid back. Not much expression -

Look at this face! Ha! "Ummmm....what are you doing to me?!"

He's had enough. At this point he is TRYING so hard to hold back the tears.

And....he's done!....but the hair cut isn't!

Poor guy! He tried so hard to fight those tears.

"Mama! Mama! Mama!"

I showed him a DVD case with a picture of Barney on it and he gained control.

"Nar-ney, Nar-ney!!"

(I am glad this chick wasn't coloring my child's hair. Yikes!)

Look at that brave boy letting her finish!

I wasn't able to take an after picture, because once I picked him up he would not let me put him back down to get a picture....(and I am not smart enough to think to hand the camera to Aaron - Hello!? Why don't I use my brain!?)

We met Randy and Dianne for dinner and I did quickly take one picture of him at the restaurant, but it is nothing great. We got home late tonight, so the boys went straight to bed. I will take some tomorrow!


Sis said...

Love it! Those pics made me laugh hard. Poor little g! I bet he showed Jackson that he WAS old enough to get a hair cut! We will be on the road for a long time today so tell the boys to call me!!!