Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Movie.

Tuesday, my Mom and I took Jackson and Garrett to see their very first movie at a movie theatre.

Let me go ahead a admit - I was a bad mom and forgot my camera. However, I found my old camera in my car, but unfortunately it was just about dead. I was able to turn it on, and if I was lucky I could take one picture fast enough before it turned off. These pictures are not great, but at least I got SOMETHING before the camera shut off completely.

They loved the popcorn machine. Such a simple thing, but yet I believe this was their first time to ever see one. The worker even said "Is this their first movie?" I guess he could tell by how impressed they were with the popcorn machine.

We planned on getting to the movie after the previews since their attention spans are short, but we actually arrived before the previews even started. They both climbed into their chair like they do it all the time.

They really were more excited than this picture shows. Darn camera....

They both enjoyed it. Mom had to walk around with Garrett for a few minutes to give him a little break. Jackson did great other than wanting to be the narrator. "Hey there are 2 elephants!" can't eat that tree!!" He wanted to tell us and the rest of the theatre what was happening. It was a kids movie, so I didn't feel too bad. Garrett really liked the stadium seating so he could see everyone and try to tell people "Hi!" That child is the biggest flirt!!

We only made it through about half the movie which was fine with us. We went for them to experience it which was accomplished!


Sis said...

Aw! I can't wait until their play-date with Aunt M!!!!