Wednesday, July 8, 2009

[insert mean word here] Pottery Barn Kids

Let me rewind to the beginning.

I love Pottery Barn Kids. No, let me rephrase that - I love the products at Pottery Barn Kids.

Their things for boys are the style we like. Yes, they are a little over priced. However for the quality, Aaron and I don't mind spending a little extra, especially when it comes to furniture.

When looking at their website a second ago, I was reminded of how much our family has spent at this store. (which only adds fuel to the fire)

This is only a small portion. Just pictures of things I came across while on their website. Those pictures are just to help you all understand why this makes me so hot under the collar.

I got angry with Pottery Barn Kids several months ago when we were converting Jackson's crib to a toddler bed. They kept sending us the wrong part and in the mean time it was screwing up the structure of his crib. It was a big ordeal and Aaron and I actually had it out with them for 2 hours while driving to Bud's funeral in Quitman. Literally, 2 hours. We finally got it solved, but getting it solved is a story within itself.

Now it's time to buy Jackson a twin bed and dresser for his room. Aaron and I wanted to look around at different places because of how frustrated we were with them several months ago. We looked, and looked, and looked. We can't find anything we LOVE. We want it to be good quality because he will most likely have this bed and dresser throughout his teen years. After searching and searching, where do we end up at? Pottery Barn Kids.

I walked into Pottery Barn Kids two weeks ago and saw this bed on display in the color honey. (shown in espresso)

It was perfect! Thick, sturdy, strong wood - just what we have been searching for. I found this dresser to go with it.

Finally, I found something that I loved and I knew Aaron would too. Best part of it all....the Newport Beds were 20% off.

That night I logged online to show Aaron. When I clicked Newport Bed, Twin, and Honey it said No Longer Available. No longer available??? What?! I saw it today on display. How could it be no longer available? The only thing available was the Newport bed in white. Aaron suggested I call the store the next morning.

Early the next morning I called the store and told them the whole ordeal......I was at your store yesterday, saw the bed, it's no longer available online, do you have any left there, can I buy your floor model? He told me that was a good question, took my name and number, called their "whoever is above them" people to see if they have the green light to sell their floor model, then called me back with "No." They had to hang on to the bed which most likely meant the bed would be coming back in the future. He took my name and number just in case.

In the meantime I kept searching. I saw on their website another bed I liked so this morning I decided to stop into the store to see if I liked it in person as well.

When I first walked in the store, I noticed they still have the bed I can't have on display. Jackson even said "There's a bed Mommy." I replied with, "Yeah, I really like that bed, however it's not for sale." Weird.

I found the other bed, I like it, Jackson likes it, so once again was happy. As I was buying this toothbrush holder and soap dispenser I was standing right next to the you can't have me bed. I noticed taped on the back of the bed was a receipt. "What the heck? How could someone buy that?" I took a closer look at the receipt. It was dated 7/5/09. AND.....they only had to pay 500 and something. The bed is normally 9 something, it was marked down to 7 something....and the floor model (which I was perfectly okay with) was sold for 5 something?! That is almost 50% off. However - the price is beside the point.

The point is I called about that bed TWO weeks ago and was told I would be called if anything changed. I was mad! However, I had the boys with on the hip and the other one unwillingly holding my hand, I wasn't going to make a huge deal about it. I asked the [dumb] lady about the bed and told her the story (in a shorter version than this blog is becoming). She asked who I talked to and I said I don't know his name, but I called early one morning about 2 weeks ago. She replied with "oooohhhh.....yeah....he was fired last week." (Really??? Did she know what guy I was referring to based off of my bad description?! I don't care if he was fired or not. The list should still exist.)

She said a lot of people have ASKED about that bed. SO WHAT!!! I called, my name went down, and I was told I would be called. People have ASKED?! Yeah, my mom asked about it last week when she went in to buy these chairs for Jackson and Garrett. Just because people ASK about it, doesn't mean they were the caller that was told they would be notified if anything changed on the status of the bed.

She then added "Well, I don't really know, but I bet the buyer was on our clientele book, maybe?" (I didn't care who the buyer was or what book they came from. The fact was I was TOLD "we will call you." I didn't care if Laura Bush bought the was mine if ever for sale) I just replied with "Yeah.... maybe..... but probably not." and left the store knowing that I was wasting my time with that girl.

I left the store mad, called Aaron, he even said (and I quote) "that is horse shit!" (more so about the fact we could have got the bed for basically 50% off) and gives me the number to the corporate office. I called, the lady was extremely helpful and friendly. She agreed that it was ridiculous. She put in some kind of letter or something to someone, I think the regional manager, who is supposed to contact me within 24-48 hours.

At this point, who cares about the Newport bed that was sold. However, I am having a hard time bringing myself to spend a lot more money on a dresser and bed from them after I have been screwed from a company we shop at frequently. We would just buy from somewhere else (which is what I will tell whoever calls me) but the truth is we won't. We can't find anything else we like. So.....we will see what happens after talking to whoever is supposed to be calling us. You all know me - I better get some kind of deal out of this.

And I just took up almost all of nap time writing a novel about Pottery Barn Kids. Those darn people!


Monica Jackson said...

That stinks, I'm sorry :( Have you looked at Lone Star Baby and Kids? (

Sis said...

Ew! Let me talk to them!!!

The Thomas Times said...

You get em girl!!!
My other friend in Crandall just asked me today if I knew anyone interested in any Cargo style bunk beds??? Her little boy has MD and can no longer climb the ladder so she is getting rid of them. Let me know if you are at all interested and I can hook you up with her since you are both in Crandall!