Monday, July 20, 2009


We had another great Sunday at Church. The boys both did great!

Since Garrett is in the major "Mama Mama Mama" stage, I worried how he would do. He does fine when I am out of site and nobody mentions my name. However, once reminded, you can count on lots of screaming and tears. Anyways, back to my point - when I handed Garrett off to the nursery, he cried some for Mama as we expected, but this time as Aaron and I were walking away the teacher asked "You have your parent pager, right?" Aaron and I laughed a little at the fact that they wanted to double check that we had the pager this time.

At pick up, it was the same as last time. We spotted him first. Garrett was playing with bubbles, he was very happy, and looking pretty darn cute! When he finally spotted us, bottom lip went out, and the tears started. It was a sweet little cry though.

Jackson loved his class once again. Sorry, let me correct myself - Jackson loved his classroom once again. At dinner tonight, we discussed church and I said something about having fun in class today. He laughed at me and said "No Mommy, it's not a class. It's a classROOM."

When we picked Jackson up from his classroom, they gave us a paper that tells us what he learned, questions we could ask him, a family activity to do at home, bible memory verse, etc. This week the focus was God helps us when we trust him. Tonight I asked Jackson, "What does God do?" Jackson replied with "He help me." Then he smiled, got a little excited, and said "OH!! He comes down our fireplace too!" I don't know where this came from. Perhaps Christmas and Santa were brought up in his class today, or that God is everywhere....who knows....but I thought it was pretty stinkin' cute!

Here are some random pictures from Shelly's house after church. -

Shelly bought these little Gatorades to have for the weekend we all helped moved them in. Jackson loves them and I think he will always expect Aunt Shelly to have them at her house.
Aunt Shelly + House = I get Gatorade

About to get kisses from Cooper!

Aaron is in love with the month of July. Blue Bell has his favorite flavor in July, Southern Blackberry Cobbler. I think he would enjoy it more if he got three bowls!!!

Jackson and Garrett wrestling -

I think they are ready for their first boy cousin to make his grand entrance next week!


Kristy said...

After Aaron told me it was good last time we were out at your house (how long ago??) I bought some and tried it. I have to admit- it was pretty good. I still want to go to the place with all the flavors that ya'll were telling me about.

Mom/Bam Bam said...

I LOVE the picture of the boys ready to go to church!