Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fact or Myth? Boy or Girl?

My sister is 11+ weeks pregnant and per her request I have some questions for my “Mommy” readers. You know you all love talking about your pregnancy and your child, so now is your chance! Please read the questions and leave a comment with your answers. C’mon….it will be fun! You don’t have to be a new mom to answer these questions. Even grandmas can participate!
1. What is the gender of your child? (or children)
2. If you took the intelligender test (and followed the “what not to do 48 hours before testing” directions:) was it correct?
3. What is your story with the fetal heartbeat? There are so many “myths” out there….140 (or is it 150?) and below means boy, above 140 means girl. However, it’s supposedly a fact that the heartbeat of all babies will slow down some as your pregnancy continues. Did yours start high and then get lower? Stay high? What’s your story….
4. Did you have morning sickness?
5. If you had morning sickness, did you take your prenatal vitamin several months before becoming pregnant or when you found out you were pregnant?
6. Go to, click predictions, enter information, and since you already know the outcome, was it correct?
Here are my answers:
1. Boy and Boy
2. Jackson: Didn’t take the intelligender with;
Garrett: Correct!
3. I don’t remember exact numbers, however I do remember both boys started out in the “myth girl range.” It seems like it was only high the first time on the doppler, which the doppler doesn’t even detect a heart rate until around 12 weeks (give or take)….so probably sometime between 12-16 weeks it dropped. Garrett actually dropped really low, but still healthy and normal. Actually when he was born, I remember a nurse commenting that we may hear comments at a future dr. appointments about his heart rate being on the lower side, but still normal and not to be alarmed.
4. No actual morning sickness, although with Garrett there were times that I think I would have felt better if could have been sick.
5. With Jackson I took prenatal vitamins long before finding out I was pregnant and felt much better than I did with Garrett. With Garrett, I started taking prenatal vitamins when I found out I was pregnant. (Such a horrible Mommy I am!!! Remember, I still thought I could only get pregnant with help from medication. haha, little did we know!) My theory: I thought Garrett was a girl because I felt worse, but I think introducing the prenatal vitamins on top of the pregnancy hormones was the reason for me feeling worse.
6. - correct for Jackson and incorrect for Garrett.


Monica Jackson said...

These things are fun for me :)

1. Girl and Boy
2. Abbey- no test, Max- incorrect result
3. Abbey was in the "myth girl" range, and Max is in the "myth boy" range.
4. I had no morning sickness with Abbey, and I felt very yucky in the mornings with Max for about 20 weeks.
5. I took prenatal vitamins with Abbey once I found out, but I started taking them with Max before I was pregnant. I pretty much took them for the first 12 weeks of both pregnancies, and then not much after because they make me sick.
6. Babyman was incorrect for Abbey but correct for Max!

Kristin said...

1. Girl
2. Test was correct
3. Payton's HB stayed over 150 my entire pregnancy
4. No sickness
5. Started taking prenatal after I was pregnant
6. Babtman was correct

Sis said...

Thanks for posting this! I'm curious to see what worked for others. Here is my signs so far:

Chinese Calendar - Boy

Intelligender test - Boy

Morning sicness - None

Heart Beat @ 11 weeks - 160's

Acne - yes which is a girl myth but I was also using ProActive and the sudden stop could be to blame - Boy

Snider Family said...

1. girl
2. didn't take the test
3. Hers was high and stayed high
4. I had morning sickness to the EXTREME. I was hospitalized for 3 weeks, on IV, got to 91 pounds, threw up my entire pregnancy and I was on medication the entire time. Terrible pregnancy, but she was SO worth it!
5. I took them only when I was pregnant. But not even the right ones, I was so sick I could only take the folic acid and a flinstone vitamin.
6. It was wrong, they ALL said boy, even family members and friends guessed boy!

What a fun blog! I can't wait to do this with when my sis is pregnant or I am again!

The Thomas Times said...

This is so fun!!!
1. Boy, Girl, Girl
2.Never took test
3.Cole's was 140's both girls upper 150's entire pregnancy
4.No sickness with any
5.Took well before 1st pregnancy, took after finding out with Chloe, never took them with Corlee!(Yes, I get Mom Of The Year)
6.Babyman was wrong with Cole, Correct with Chloe, Wrong with Corlee!
**Stick with your intuition...A mother just knows! I was right all 3 times, I just knew in my heart!

Marla said...

1. Girl and girl
2. Intelligender with baby was wrong
3. Parker's hearbeat was in the 150s; baby #2s heartbeat has been in the 150s and 130s ??
4. very little nausea with Parker for only 2 weeks; this baby I was very nauseous and actually got sick and it all lasted for about 6 weeks
5. took prenatal vitamins for several months before Parker; took prenatal vitamins for a couple of weeks before this baby
6. babyman was wrong for Parker and right for this baby

PawPaw said...

Everyone save your $$$$ and ask me what you are having. I am 100% right so far. SIS you are having a BOY! Enough said. Hand me downs are great.

Brittany said...

1. Boy and boy
2. Did not take the test with either.
3. Owen's HB was always in the 140s and Eli's started in the 150s, but slowed down after a while.
4. No nausea with Owen, but a lot of nausea with Eli.
5. I took prenatal vitamins before I got pregnant with Owen, but after I got pregnant with Eli.
6. Babyman was correct for both boys!!

Jessica said...

1. Girl - Cecelia Raine Allen

2. Didn't take the test

3. Stayed in the 130's; "myth boy" range

4. Never really had morning sickness, just felt uneasy for a little while.

5. I didn't take prenatal vitamins, just adjusted my diet to get all of the nutrients.

6. Everybody thought she was a boy because of how active she was and her heart rate. All predictions said boy. We didn't find out the sex until she was born so it was even more of a surprise!