Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Realizing to be Thankful.

As you all may know, our house is on the market. We listed our house at the beginning of August, not the best month for real estate considering most people are settled in a home for a new school year. We live in a small town that isn't a growing or booming area, therefore there isn't much house hunting out this way.

Our realtor is wonderful. He has done and is doing many wonderful things to advertise our house. We had an open house a few weekends ago. Everyone had all positive things to say about our house, however there wasn't a buyer that was actually ready to buy due to having to list their house first, etc. We liked this area because it is half way between our parents. It works for us. We know it is just going to take the right couple to come along who it will work for as well. Plus, with the $8,000 tax credit incentive, maybe we will have more lookers as we get closer to the end of the year.

With all of this being said, we would be thrilled to get an offer on our house. However, over the weekend for whatever reason, Aaron and I came to the conclusion if our house doesn't sell, we're perfectly okay with it. No, it wouldn't be our "only live in this house for five years" plan, but who says we have to stick to that plan. Why did we have that plan anyway!?

Before putting our house on the market, we were so ready to move. We were starting to hate it here. There were some things that drove us nuts. Now however, there are things that I never realized I should be thankful for.

It never occurred to me that when we moved and the boys were older, we may actually have to leave our house to take the boys somewhere where they can swing a bat and hit a baseball as far as they want. Not everyone can do that in their backyard. Jackson's little 4 wheeler is small, but chances are he won't be able to ride that in our front or backyard anymore. When buying a new swing set, we may have to consider the size.

We have two active boys and we have lots of space outside, but we're moving? That sometimes doesn't add up to me.

I say we're outgrowing our house, however since putting our house on the market and cleaning out things, I have extra space. Our garage is where we need more space with all of Aaron's irrigation supplies. Wouldn't building a metal building solve that problem?

Yes, Aaron is tired of mowing an acre. Mowing a smaller lot would be so much easier and faster. However, is it going to be easier and faster for Aaron to have to pick up his work trailer from a storage on days he needs it?

I can't find the perfect area with the perfect school district to move to. However, when I go to our districts website, I like what I see. When I take the boys to story time at the local library, I like the other moms. I have always felt like there weren't any small kids in our area for the boys to play with, but yet the school district went from 1 to 3 elementary schools this year. There must be kids somewhere.

Would we be excited to get an offer on our house tomorrow? You bet!!! However, if that doesn't happen we're okay with staying here and making some changes. I sometimes feel like my generation lives by "Keeping up with the Jones." I am a stay at home mom, Aaron and I have zero debt other than our home mortgage and Aaron's truck.....we should be thankful for that and not think we have to have better just because we are doing okay.

At the same time - someone just took a brochure from the for sale sign in the front yard. Maybe we will get a call later to schedule a showing??? I better get to cleaning so they will like what they see.... :)


Melanie said...

Hey Kelli! I enjoyed your blog! Our house is on the market, too, and we feel the exact same way. It's one of those things if it happens, it happens and if it doesn't...that's cool! I completely agree!