Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09-09-09: Happy 4th Birthday, Rigley!

We no longer have a one, two, and three year old. Rigley is now 4 years old! For Rigley's birthday, Jackson and I baked Rigley a cake. Well, truth be told, Rigley couldn't have one bite of the cake. I looked at recipes for dog treats, but Rigley has pancreatitis so he must stick to a lamb and rice diet.....and whatever Garrett throws his way!

{Look at little Rigley over in the chair}

Jackson really wanted Rigley to have a piece of cake. However, by the look on Garrett's face, I don't think he wanted Rigley to touch the cake!

Garrett is really trying to blow out the candles.

Jackson was being so sweet! He was trying to teach Garrett how to blow out the last two candles.


Marla said...

Kelli- you did a great job on that cake! It seriously looks professional! And tasty, too! haha

Monica Jackson said...

How sweet! You have the cutest ideas of things to do with your boys, Kelli!

Bam Bam said...

How sweet is that?! Looks like the boys & Rigley really enjoyed this little birthday celebration. Love the cake, and love all of their sweet little faces!

Sis said...

Wow! That's really impressive. Jade could have had cake. Did you make her one? I did tell her happy birthday last night at least. WOW! Rigley is VERY lucky!