Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cotton Fest!

The house was quiet for a little while late this afternoon. Garrett was napping and Jackson wanted to run some errands with Aaron, so it was just me and a quiet house. For dinner, I planned on making spinach and cheese ravioli. Since the house was calm and I had never made homemade ravioli, I decided to start cooking in peace.

I followed the recipe exactly and things were going I thought! The ravioli sucked! Sorry for the choice of word, but I don't know any other way to describe it. The spinach and cheese mixture wouldn't stay inside of the noodles. The boiling water had spinach floating everywhere and the wonton noodles just turned to mush. It wasn't even edible. At this point Aaron and Jackson were home and Aaron decided to chime in and asked "Aren't you supposed to use lasagna noodles or something?" I quickly told him to "HUSH" because I followed the recipe and did everything it told me to do. Maybe for some recipes you are supposed to use another noodle, but not this one!!!!

We were left with sauce and bread. (At this point Rigley's left over birthday cake was sounding pretty good for dinner!) Aaron and I remembered that the Cotton Fest was this weekend and decided that corny dogs sounded yummy!

So.........Cotton Fest it was!!

We ate dinner, not homemade or low in fat, but it was sure delicious! We are normally not the biggest fans of carnival rides, but Jackson really wanted to ride them. Jackson barely met the height requirement, so we were still not crazy about the idea. However, he could probably be 2 feet over the height requirement and we would still worry.

Out of all the rides for the younger kids, Jackson picked the roller coaster. At the last carnival we went to, Jackson got to ride with Harleigh, but tonight he was all alone....just him and the handle bar!

(Sorry for the quality of the picture. We took it from Aaron's cell phone.)

The first 3 laps, he did great! He waved at us once and then just stayed focused. The 4th lap, his face turned to fear. The last lap, the screaming and tears began. I felt so bad for him.

When he got off the ride, he was very calm and quiet. When we asked him about the ride however, he said he wanted to go again! Mommy and Daddy quickly said "no way!"

We encouraged him to try out the merry-go-round!

Jackson enjoyed it! Is it just me or do you all agree that after you have kids your stomach just can't handle all the spinning? Geez. I told Aaron the merry-go-round was going a little too fast for my liking. Or maybe it has nothing to do with having kids and everything to do with me turning into a chicken in my older age....