Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy 1/2 Birthday to Garrett!

Garrett is one and a half today!  It’s crazy to think that when Jackson was the age Garrett is today, Jackson had already been a big brother for a week.  Thinking back to the day I delivered Garrett, Jackson seemed older than what Garrett is today.  The truth is, Jackson was actually a little less than 18 months when Garrett was born.  Everyday of the past year and a half have seemed fast paced and crazy, but looking back I would not have had it any other way.  It is like they live with their best friend.  There are times they fight, bite, and hit each other, but usually by the time I step in and try to prove my point, they have somehow already became best buds again and are teaming up against me.  I love how their relationship is today and hope it always remains this way.

Speaking of all of this, I have always thought that some things were less of a challenge for Garrett than they were for Jackson simply because Garrett has grown up watching Jackson.  This is a positive thing for the most part, but with all positive things there seems to be the negative. 

For example….


Jackson is the culprit.  I knew from the start that Garrett would one day realize how to climb out of his crib from watching Jackson.  I knew this would be the outcome, however I am guilty of not stopping Jackson from getting into Garrett’s crib because I loved watching them play together when Garrett woke up.  Although it was their moment when they would try to “win against Mommy” and run away from me so that I couldn’t grab them, I loved seeing them laugh together.  Jackson never climbed out of his own crib because he really never knew it was an option.  We converted his crib only to prepare for potty training.

However, with all this being said – Garrett is doing fabulous (knock on wood!) in his toddler bed!  Like I mentioned in post from the first night, he shut his door and cried for his baby.  Around midnight I heard him quietly saying my name.  I didn’t go in his room because I wanted to see what he would do.  He never got out of bed.  When I checked on the boys before I finally decided to go to bed, Garrett was laying in bed with his eyes wide opened.  I felt sad for him, like he lost the comfort of his crib.  I rubbed his back.  On Jackson’s first night in his toddler bed, I would have never mentioned “Come to Mommy and Daddy’s bed if you need anything.”  That would have only made a light bulb go off in Jackson’s head!  However, with Garrett being so much younger, I wanted him to know what to do instead of roaming the house.  I quietly said “If you need Mommy, come to Mommy and Daddy’s BED….come in Mommy and Daddy’ ROOM…..Mommy and Daddy’s bed, Mommy and Daddy’s room!”  I hoped that hearing those keywords over and over would eliminate roaming the house and maybe I would actually be able to sleep knowing that he knew what to do.  I felt like I had a newborn to worry about again! 

I didn’t hear from him all night!  At 7:30am I woke up, looked in his room (which I can see from our room) and he was still asleep.  Around 8:00, he started screaming.  He rolled out of his bed, but all was well. 

Sunday he took his nap in the car on the way home from my sister’s birthday party.  Sunday night he went to bed without any problems.  (This was with his Uncle Michael here and his Daddy yelling at the Cowboys…..)  We didn’t hear from him all night.  Monday morning he woke up, sat up in bed, I called for him to “come here!” and he just sat in his bed and said “Mama!  Mama! Mama!”  I guess he thinks the same rules apply for getting him out of bed.  Monday afternoon, went down for his nap without any problems!! 

As for today, everything is going well.  Hopefully it will continue, but I also know we will possibly hit the bump in the road at some point.

Jackson and Garrett both go to the doctor next Monday for Garrett’s 18 month and Jackson’s 3 year check up.  The good thing is, I don’t think they are due for shots!!  (Other than Garrett still needs a flu shot) I will keep you posted on their stats!   


Marla said...

That's great about how well Garrett is doing in the toddler bed! Can't believe he's big enough to do that! Time has flown! (like I've never said that before!!!)

The plan is in another week or so for us to put the toddler rail up...and then by the end of October transition to the twin bed. We'll see!! She loves the beds...but not sure how well she will stay in it! ha!