Saturday, September 12, 2009

Celebrating “Elmo’s” Birthday!

It’s common for kids to pronounce sounds differently than they should be. For example, they may say /p/ for /k/ or /b/ for /d/, etc. Every child may have their own unique mixed up letter sounds.

For some reason, when we tell Garrett to say “Uncle Michael,” he says “Elmo!!” The only thing I can come up with is /el/ represents Uncle and /mo/ represents Michael. Not really sure….

We have laughed about the whole “Elmo” thing and started referring to Michael as “Uncle Elmo.” Jackson thinks it’s hilarious and Garrett now realizes it is cute! Michael came over last night for dinner and I decided to make a little something special for his birthday cake -






We also had a little fun outside! 015

OH, Jackson! What’s that you have in your hand?!?!


I guess I should have been happy back when he was holding worms. We no longer just look at frogs through a jar, he now HOLDS them in his HANDS. 023 022029

What is with my children? Oh yeah…they are boys! Notice the cricket on Garrett’s shirt?

031 032

My first reaction was to knock it off, which I did, but I guess I didn’t get the memo that Garrett didn’t want it off. Garrett searched for his little friend.038

Aaron found the cricket for Garrett. Garrett then hit his shirt which meant “Put it here, Daddy!”

040 041 042

Mr. Cricket decided to hop off again -


This is when Big Brother Jackson decided to take a break from measuring his four wheeler (??)


to help his little brother find his cricket.


Such brotherly love!


Bam Bam said...

So cute! The Elmo cupcakes were adorable, and I loved seeing all the fun the boys were having in the backyard. You're going to have to start checking their pockets for frogs & crickets.

Marla said...

Those cupcakes look great!

Kristy Carter said...

That is so funny! I love the cupcakes