Thursday, September 17, 2009

Story Time.

We took the boys to story time Wednesday at the local public library. Aaron didn’t have to go into work today, so he decided to come along. Before going he asked me if other dads went. In my mind I thought, {Nope, it is pretty much just moms and kids. Well, no, I have seen some dads there in the past. I would love for Aaron to see the boys at story time around the other kids. We also have some errands to run after story time, so it would be easier if Aaron just went with us.} and responded with “Yes! There are other dads that go!! Now get in the shower and get ready!!” ;)

I guess my husband knows me too well, because in the car on the way to story time he said “So… I going to be the only dad here?” I responded with, “Yep!! Probably so!!”

As it turned out, he was the only dad and I felt bad for him. However, it was nice to have an extra set of hands. 001

Aaron sometimes jokes to me about Jackson enjoying books so much. (you have to read this in Aaron’s voice!) “Kelli….when I was a little boy I was so tired from playing so hard, when my head hit the pillow I as out! Jackson on the other hand is bringing books to bed?! What are you doing to him?” He is joking (for the most part) but Aaron was happy to see that while the librarian was reading the stories, Jackson wanted to do other things such a puzzles, blocks, etc. He did join the group when it was time for the songs, which is no surprise.


A cute story that a lot of you teachers will find funny….during story time, Jackson randomly took his shoes off while he was sitting on the rug with the other kids. When I told him to put his shoes back on, he replied with “No Mommy! I can sit criss cross applesauce better with my shoes off!”


Garrett was funny after the kids had their snack. Apparently Garrett thinks it’s a rule to have a drink with a snack. As we were cleaning up their trash, Garrett decided to walk around the library and attempt to go down each aisle of the library with his hands in the air saying “Apple Juuuu? Apple Juuuu? Apple Juuuuu?”


Here are Jackson’s crafts. The theme of the day was dinosaurs. The kids had coffee filters with a dinosaur drawn on it. They sprinkled on kool aid mix and sprayed with water. (They can cut out the dinosaurs when it dries)



What does story time and running errands led to……


a very tired boy! Jackson actually took an afternoon nap. Shocking!!!!! However, what was the result of him taking an afternoon nap -


He had a hard time going to bed. 9 times out of 10, when we put Jackson in bed, he stays in bed. Clearly he is in the “If I can’t see you, you can’t see me” stage.


Viv said...

I sure hope that you, Kristin and Marla know how much enjoyment I get out of yall's blogs. They always bring a smile to my face..all of your children are so sweet and enjoyable! Love them all!

Marla said...

That's so funny that you wanted Aaron to go. I've taken Parker to the one out here twice, and it has never worked out for Geoff to go, too. But I want him to go with me sometime when it works out because, like you, I want him to see her at storytime.

Love the pics. The boys are adorable!

Anonymous said...

I love it! My son has the same pajamas, gotta love Target! And he is also in the "if i cant see you, you cant see me" stage, he started soccer last week and ran down the field covering his eyes because he was so shy!