Sunday, April 5, 2009

Reason Why.

I blog mainly for Jackson and Garrett. One day, they will be able to look at my blog and read stories and see pictures about things they did, things they said, what other people said about them (through comments left by you all), different events that took place, and many random things.

Today, my sister e-mailed me these pictures that were taken of the boys when Aaron's dad passed away. I saved them to my computer in my February 2009 file, but I want them more "documented" than that.

I have heard people say things such as "I was only 2 when my grandpa died", or "I was just a little girl when......," etc.

Although I feel like this is kind of a step back instead of forward, I want these pictures on my blog just because one day Aaron and I can say to the boys "That's what you looked like at that time...."

So, for Jackson (2) and Garrett (11 Months) -


PawPaw said...

You may need to mention who the 2 pretty ladies are also. 15 years from now they may not look the same.

Karen Cupcake said...

Emily was 4 months, sean was 4years when their grandpa died. I was 8.

Mom said...

These pictures and your words brought tears to my eyes. Their sweet innocence. They had no idea what was really going on, yet they helped so many people by bringing smiles, laughter and love with their sweet hugs. I just wish we could protect them always from heartache and sorrow. They are such a blessing.
Love You

Sis said...

Did anyone notice Jackson with his tongue out drinking the water behind Little G in the tub?