Monday, April 27, 2009

Pucker up Psghetti

I made Pucker Up Psghetti from The Toddler Cafe Cookbook the other day. Jackson LOVES lemons. If he notices me cutting a lemon for a recipe, he will sneak up on the bar stool, and try to take a bite out of the lemon.

When I came across this recipe, I knew Jackson would love it. It is a quick and easy recipe. I actually had all of the ingredients on hand, expect for the lemon.

Jackson doesn't tend to have a huge appetite, but he was a huge fan of Pucker Up Psghetti. I wanted to share this with my other mommy friends, but I knew if I posted the recipe on my blog I would be breaking some type of copyright law. So, I was happy to see that the author has added the recipe to her blog.

Toddler Cafe is all about getting kids used to flavors that are different from the usual ones they may be used to and to help expand their taste buds. I think next time I could easily add in spinach. Keep in mind, it is not anything extravagant. It's just easy, kid friendly, and something I thought I would share.


Marla said...

Thanks for this post! I was just feeling sorry for myself tonight about how Parker is such a picky eater and wouldn't eat anything that I made...and ended up eating half a pop-tart, some yogurt, and half of a rice crispy type cereal bar for dinner. Yep- that's just great!

I know you have mentioned those books before, so's official...I'm going to get them!