Thursday, April 2, 2009

And there is more.... (Read post below first)

It just keeps getting better....our day is off to a wonderful start.

The hard part is that this does come out of our account until all the investigation is over. This morning I was working on our check registry on Quicken and I had to enter these things as if we actually did this shopping yesterday since the money has been taken out of our account for now. Makes me sick....

Here is an update on their shopping trip:
11:06am: Gas Station in Rowlett (unsure on price yet)
2:06pm: Wal-Mart in Hickory Creek
2:11pm: Wal-Mart in Hickory Creek
3:41pm: Wal-Mart in Lewisville
5:51pm: Gas Station in Rockwall (unsure on price yet)
Bank called me at 5:50pm and I canceled the card during that conversation.


Karen Cupcake said...

OH girl! Im so sorry! Our bank put the money RIGHT back.. and changed our cards immediatly!! Im so sorry they are making you do it that way!!

they should have cameras at those gas station places.. I wonder if that matters, if they will care, and go look????

Marla said...

My heart goes out to ya'll! I can seriously sympathize! Two weeks ago someone did the same thing and spent $500-600...but for was our credit they just credited us back like yours will...but we never really had money "missing" like you! I know- it's so crumby! We're never fully safe!! It's almost better to just use a credit card...then just pay it in full. Who knows...