Friday, April 10, 2009

Fun Find Friday!

I am going to attempt to start something new. I have a file saved on my computer with cool products, neat places, favorite stores, interesting websites, or just favorite things!

If Oprah can have her favorite things, so can we and I want to share mine!

I am going to start to post a "Fun Find" every Friday.

Let me let you in on a little secret that some of you non-bloggers may not know. You can schedule blog posts. (and no, that's not my fun find!)

I remember my sister in law Shelly calling our house early one morning while we were actually still in bed. We talked, then when I hung up the phone I realized she probably wonders why I am still in bed when it shows I have already posted a blog today. I called her back to let her in on my secret.

I am just letting you in on this secret because a lot of these Fun Find Fridays will probably be scheduled. So if...I don't know.....something awful should happen to me, but yet you still see blogs posted by's not a ghost. If it shows I posted something at any other time than nap time or late at night...I didn't. I can't blog while my kids are awake. If it shows that I blogged, but you know you were with me at that time. No, I wasn't blogging on my cell phone. I don't even have internet on my cell phone.
And like today, as you are probably reading this. We stayed at The Great Wolf Lodge Thursday night. I am actually in a hotel room when this blog will be posted.....not near a computer!

Without further delay, here is the first Fun Find Friday I would like to share with you.
Find them here!

A fun way for teaching kids about letters and numbers!
Perfect for making jello, ice, chocolate, cookies or whatever else your imagination can come up with. Oven, dishwasher, and freezer safe!


Kristin said...

Those are a really cute idea!! Thanks for sharing!

Marla said...

Great idea! I'll be looking forward to Fun Find Fridays!