Thursday, April 2, 2009

2 Little Guys.

This little guy is about to take off! He is at the point where he is able to do it, but when he starts going he stops and squats down. He is still unsure about walking, but it will happen any day now!.....although, I think I may miss him crawling.

And this bigger little guy is becoming such a BOY. His current enjoyments are taking things apart and trying to put it back together and building things. This thing he has created in the picture below looks dangerous and it probably is, but he was being so serious and finding ways that he could add to it. I could see his little mind in action. The white chair didn't stay in that position. He made it into a slide....kind of.

Sometimes I just have to allow him to discover and be creative, while I just try to stand near by. I am learning that boys are much different with their creativity!

Happy Friday!


Kristin said...

Yea for Garrett!! That is so funny that Jackson is building things, pretty creative!!!

Marla said...

Oh my goodness! Garrett looks so big standing up and walking! Almost like he's not a baby anymore. :(

But it is good! :) (that's what we have to tell ourselves!)