Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Garrett's Games

"Sweet little Garrett."
If you have been around Garrett, chances are those words have come out of your mouth. He is easy, happy, and goes with the flow. Although Garrett continues to be Mr. Happy for the most part, he is starting to be a little more like a typical toddler with typical toddler issues. {could insert more typical toddler Garrett stories here}

Which leads me to "Pick Up the Sippy Cup Game." Garrett thinks it is hilarious. When this first started I would pick it up a few times for him, then I stopped doing that so he knew I wasn't going to play his game. When he continued to drop it, Jackson would then pick it up for him when nobody else would. Now Jackson is even to the point where he just looks at the cup on the floor and says "No, No, Gar-grit!"

In the picture below, this was after he threw the cup on the floor ONE time. I will pick it up two times. If it happens three times, it is taken away or left on the floor.

He had just been told "No" and is considering doing it again....

He dropped it. He thinks it is funny. Look at his face...
I gave it back to him for his last chance. In the picture he is shaking his head saying "Nooooooooo."
He ended up dropping it again, so the game was over.
In Garrett's defense however, dropping the sippy cup is actually a sign that he is developing as he should be. He is learning the concept of cause and effect.

He is pretty funny when it comes to "No." He normally tells on himself. For instance, if I am in the kitchen cooking, I know when he is messing with Rigley's food because I hear him saying "Noooooooo" as he is putting all of the dog food in the water dish or in his mouth. (Garrett would eat dog food for a meal if I let him.)
Their bathroom door stays closed so that Garrett can't mess with the toilet, bathtub, trash, etc. but I know when Jackson accidentally leaves the door open because I hear Garrett saying "Noooooo" as he is quickly making his way in.

He still isn't walking yet. He is so random and has his own ways, which we know is not a new characteristic for him. Some days I will catch him taking several steps (up to about 10), then he will go a few days with having no desire to walk. He will often walk around on his knees which is actually pretty comical. Tonight I discovered that when I try to make him walk is when he squats down to crawl, but if he is playing on his own or with Jackson he will often walk from point A to point B on his own. Tonight he walked from the fireplace to almost our bedroom door, but tomorrow he may not even take a step.....random child! Even Aaron's sister Carissa (it always makes a parent feel better when they hear a pediatrician say it) said that he still has plenty of time and it isn't that he can't do it, but he is just choosing not to. So anyways....he will walk one day. In the mean time I am going to make phone calls to TLC about making a documentary about the boy who never learned to walk. haha, only kidding!
I know he will walk when HE wants to and not when I want him to.


Mom (Bam Bam) said...

Sweet little Garrett is precious!

Justin and Shelly said...

He is just too cute, I love his mischevious faces :)
Justin is convinced that he will have Brooks walking by 6 months. Hahahahaha! Ya right!

The Thomas Times said...

Don't be in any hurry for that whole walking thing! I am very tired at the end of the day! He is too cute!

PawPaw said...

Hey he will walk when he is ready. There is some nights his PawPaw can't walk. Maybe thats where he gets it from.

Mom said...

Uncle Blair didn't start walking til the week before he turned 16 months.Garrett just wants you to know he will do it his way!!!