Saturday, April 18, 2009

Modern Day Mom.

I came across this picture the other day.

First Thought: Laughter. Isn't that just dandy how happy and pleasant this little lady is. So out of date, right?

Second Thought: Wait, that is me. Oh, wow....except a few things. My hair is in a pony tail. I am wearing comfortable clothes. (You know - the type of clothes that look like you just got back from working out, but the only workout you did was tackle the daily battles of parenting) Hmmm.....I am not too different from that happy little lady.

Third Thought: Oh,, no, no. Where the heck are her kids? Maybe we are a little different after all.

Let me break it down for you....

The iron cord. Does this mom not have a baby trying to pull on the iron cord? Maybe the picture should show below the waist to show her feet pushing the baby away.

Mopping. Does she not have a child that is trying to run and slide on the wet floor? Does she not have a baby screaming in the next room because he/she doesn't like the wetness on his/her hands and knees? Where is her dog trying to attack the mop?

Why is she still smiling? Come on Lady! Your doing dishes...perhaps it is after dinner. You know you are watching the clock because it is almost time to put your kids to bed. Aren't you a little tired by this time of night....why are you smiling?!

No, I don't do this. My 2 year old would try to hang from the towels. However, I do use a dryer that I often have to restart. Garrett has just discovered opening the dryer and throwing things inside.

Sewing. I have a sewing machine.....a sewing machine that has several cords hanging down. Cords that a baby loves to pull on.
Does this lady not have a child hanging on her back watching her sew? "What's that Mommy?" "How you do that Mommy?"

Cleaning the sink. Does she not have a child that is trying to help clean but is really only making a bigger mess? Where is that child?

Oh wait....her children must all be down for a nap at the same time? Maybe they are alone playing outside because it is safe to do? Perhaps all the children are gathered around the kitchen table reading or coloring.

I bet her husband works a normal 8:00-5:00 job and when he arrives home from work they will sit down as a family and eat a home cooked meal. sweet!

Darn lady! Maybe I need to start wearing a magical apron!


Marla said...

Great blog!

And when you find that magical apron...could you let me know...I need one, too!

The Thomas Times said...

I think her kids are with the nanny! I am thinking about getting one :)

Justin and Shelly said...

She reminds me of me right now, with no kids just happy to do housework...haha! JK. Kelli, I always smile when I do the dishes...hahaha!