Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today I received a call from a 1-800 number. Usually I wouldn't have answered the phone, but for some reason I did today.

They asked to speak to Aaron. Normally I would hang up on them at this point, but for some reason I said "He's not in, may I take a message?" They replied by telling me they were with the fraud department at our bank and they noticed some strange transactions today. I asked if they could inform me of what was going on since I am on the account as well.

They noticed 3 multiple charges to Wal-Mart today within a short time frame and it threw up a red flag. At first I thought, well maybe Aaron got gas at Wal-Mart, went in to buy something, then bought a Diet Coke at the last minute. I asked what the amounts were - $163.89, $344.61, $181.82. Ummm....NO! I know that wasn't Aaron. I am 100% sure he would have mentioned that to me.

Aaron was at work when I received this call. OHHH.....the LOVELY railroad with their LOVELY new "no cell phone rule." I start calling him around 5:00. Voicemail. I call right back. Normally Aaron knows I will never call 2 times in a row unless something is wrong. Voicemail. Voicemail. Voicemail......

As I am waiting (and waiting....and waiting....) to hear from him (Garrett walked from the couch to the love seat during this time by the way!! That's like 15 steps!!) , I assume sometime today his card must have been stolen and he didn't even realize it. Then I start questioning why he hasn't called me back. At this point, I have probably called him 20 times. I have the Family Emergency number to contact him, but I was still hesitant to call it. I started to worry that maybe someone kidnapped him when they took his card?? Or maybe he really did make those transactions and he is planning on leaving the country?! haha.... just kidding!!!

I decided to give him until 8:00. If I had not heard from him at this point, I would call the emergency number I had for the railroad since at this point, I was starting to get worried about Aaron. Finally around 7:50ish Aaron calls. He is safe....and still in the country. :)

I told him what was going on and asked him if he had his debit card. He said he was pretty sure he did. I said "No....look in your wallet. Is it there?" It was. Aaron had his card.

I had the number for the bank that he was supposed to call. He called and this is what we found out, but keep in mind I am trying not to put too much information on here just because you never know who may read this -

At 12:06pm a charge was made at a Wal-Mart for $181.82. Then about 10 miles away, $163.89 and $344.61 were both charged at the SAME Wal-Mart and both at the SAME time....12:11pm. So, 2 Wal-Marts, total of $691.32. Based on the time frame and miles, there were 2 people involved, at least. The bank knows it was fraud and are investigating.

We are thinking at some point, someone must had swiped Aaron's card on one of those hand held devices without him ever knowing. The sick part is where or who?

Everything will be fine (in 5-7 business days), but I am just writing this to let you all know it can easily happen without you ever knowing. We are very careful with our debit cards, I monitor our account closely, but it still happened and $691.32 was gone in literally 5 minutes.

These people are probably professionals. (even though it makes me sick to call someone that low a professional). Aaron and the guys at work had a good point. Today is April 1st. Most (not Aaron however) people get paid on the 31st, therefore it was less of a chance of the card being declined. They knew what they were doing and they knew they had a short time frame, but hopefully they will be caught and charges will be pressed. It makes me sick to think how heartless some people can be. I just wonder what they are doing tonight and if they feel successful when they lay their head on their pillow each night. Dirty, dirty people!!!


Karen Cupcake said...

Chickadoodle.. that happened to me a few years ago and they got over 1800 from my personal checking account which of COURSE did not have more than $500 in it!! Guess who it turns out to be? An employee working at one of the catalog companies with whom I placed an order! And.. the dude had done it to a BUNCH of people, and was still even doing it a year later!!! A detective called me about it a year later and informed me he was still tracking the guy!

I feel for you though.. it gets you right in the gut when someone is stealing.

They used my number and MADE A NEW CARD and bought computer stuff in ILLINOIS!

The beauty is though, that the banks get it and dont make us suffer for it! Phew. cause I hate to think of the alternative...

Justin and Shelly said...

O no! I hate that you have to worry about people stealing your card...without actually physically taking it. Scary. Good thing the bank gave you your money back and alerted you before they did anything else. I mean what the heck did they get at WalMart that was that great?! Some fishing tires...what the heck?!

Kristy said...

Did you get my email about the walmart scam going on? I sent it out last week?