Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jackson's Birthday Party

Here are some, well okay...lots, of pictures from Jackson's 2nd birthday party. There will still be more pictures coming from other cameras. And for the record, although Garrett did sleep for half of his brother's birthday party, he did attend....he is just not in these pictures for some reason.
A video of Jackson waking up on the morning of his birthday

I made everyone sing Happy Birthday two times! Jackson really enjoys the song! ;) Next year maybe we can sing it three times...

Seeing his swing set for the first time!

Here are some pictures from this morning. My little "OCD" child doesn't like the mulch in his shoes, so he has been wearing his cowboy boots while he plays. I guess we need to buy him some new shoes to play in!

Tomorrow BOTH boys are going to the doctor. Jackson for his 2 year check up and Garrett for his 6 month check up. This means double the shots and double the Tylenol at our house. Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

Very good birthday party and alot of fun. I think everyone had a great time. Can't wait for Garrett's 1st birthday party. Great 41 min. job on the DVD of Jackson Bam Bam. Aunt M a shopping cart?

Anonymous said...

The video of ya'll singing to Jackson is so sweet! And I love the playground! Good luck at the pediatrician's today!

Anonymous said...

Dad - a life jacket? Back off the shopping cart. He loves it.

Anonymous said...

Your rendition of "Happy Birthday" in the morning.... I can only say, "Absolutely, don't give up your day job"
Love, GeeGee Lynn

Anonymous said...

I just think that is the sweetest video of y'all singing HB to Jackson on the morning of his birthday. What a wonderful memory to have. Y'all are such great parents.