Thursday, September 4, 2008

Don't worry....I'm Still Alive!

Sorry everyone - I know it has been a week since I have blogged. My camera cord that connects my camera to my computer has stopped working, but luckily my mom has the same cord so I borrowed hers today. So, now I have a lot of pictures to post!

(and I am trying to watch McCain's speech....he reminds me of a turtle....does anyone else see this? Speaking of which - I sent in my voters registration card today. Anna Biggs, aren't you proud of me?)

Here are pictures from the previous week -

My sister and I took Jackson and Garrett swimming at the pool in her neighborhood last Friday. We were the only people there since KIDS ARE BACK AT SCHOOL!!!!!!! Garrett swam for a little while, and then took a nap in his stroller....

Garrett, Aunt M, and Jackson
Jackson is scared of the vacuum. I used to only be able to vacuum if someone else was here to hold Jackson or if Jackson was taking a nap. However, the other day I decided I would make Jackson "protect" Garrett like we "protect" Jackson while I vacuumed. He did a fabulous job! How cute are they?

You can see Garrett's watery eye in the picture above. He has had a blocked tear duct since he was born. What is a tear duct you (Shelly and my sister) might ask? If you pull down the bottom of your eye, you have a little hole near the corner of your eye. This hole is where the tears drain. Well, Garrett's is hasn't opened the tears don't have anywhere to go.
Lately his eye has been really red and seems to bother him. I took him to the doctor on Tuesday and all is well. It is not infected, but she did give him a prescription to help prevent it from getting infected. Normally, a blocked tear duct will fix itself by the time a child turns one....hopefully this will be the case for Garrett. Yes, I have tried it all.....massaging it, warm cloth, etc.....hasn't worked.

Jackson went tubing for the first time this weekend! I grew up on the lake and my dad always took me tubing, so it was neat for my dad to pull Jackson and me. We started really slow and then picked up a little bit of speed. He loved it!!!

And now for the WHITE TRASH side of us......
Who says Garrett is too little to sit in a wagon? (Yep, that is a car seat with a BUNGEE CORD)
Jackson was having fun and staying cool in his pool, so we came up with a way to keep Garrett cool as well.
He started with a diaper on since we were outside, but then I decided he could just go skinny dipping! He's a baby. (I got peed on...A LOT)


Anonymous said...

YEA! You're back to blogging. I love the pics! Sure had fun with my boys on Friday (and Saturday. I'm at home today if you want to come over and swim again.

Anonymous said...

"I got peed on ... A LOT" heheehehe... yes I can well imagine that!! hahahah!

Loved the pics!

EMily had the blocked tear duct thing too.. at 9 months it finally vanished!! Right when they were going to do that poke thing! I had 3 days off for 4th of july that year and I sat there and rubbed her eye with the cloth all day for 3 days.. and viola! By the 20th it was fine when we went in for her appt! yipppeee!!
She also had cradle cap.. that same 3 days I was told to use vasoline to get rid of it. and IT WORKED!! Except the stuff would not wash out of her hair.. and for about 2 months her hair stuck up .. even after it was washed in the tub with shampoo! It was SO fun to have a shark fin on my!!!