Saturday, September 20, 2008

This is officially my last week to be able to say "I have 2 kids under 2." This is a big birthday week in our house. Sunday, the 21st, Garrett will be 6 months. Saturday, the 27th, Jackson will be 2 years old.

*****On channel 4 in the morning, they announce kids birthdays. I did this last year for Jackson and I did it again this year. Since his birthday is on a Saturday, they said his picture would be shown on Friday, September 26th. Be sure to set your DVR. I THINK it is normally played around 8am. Record the whole thing to be safe.******

We had a surprise party for my sister's 30th birthday at Primo's on Friday night. I have to say, I am VERY happy the SURPRISE is over and it was a successful surprise. It is hard keeping a secret. I talk to my sister almost every day and there were so many times when I almost slipped. Here are some pictures from her party -

My Sister's cake
My sister and I
Aaron and I
My Sister and Aaron- he loves her....
Aaron and I
Blowing out the candle
My sister and Ricky

Aaron spent most of the day working in the backyard getting ready for Jackson's birthday present that will be delivered one day this week. hmmmm...I wonder what it is??? Thanks to Aaron's brother Michael and our neighbor Brent for coming over to help! You will also be able to tell in the pictures what a big help Jackson was. He wanted to do everything the big boys did. He would watch them and try to do everything they would do. It was really funny. He would even try to put the tools on his pants like they would.

Karen ("Miss Cupcake") I had to post this picture of Garrett for you. Garrett has the bitter beer face in this picture like Jackson had in his 6 month pictures. haha, remember that?

Random pictures from the week -
Football Game pictures and 2 videos-



I have to tell you all a funny/frustrating story. Jackson has always been a good sleeper and napper. He gave up his morning nap when he was 18 months, but still continues to have a long afternoon nap....about 2-3 hours. With both boys, I lay them down awake and they go to sleep on their own. Sometimes they will cry, but only for a few minutes. Well, this week Jackson has decided he doesn't want to nap. He stands in his crib and yells "Up Mom," "That-thin (that's how he says Jackson) out." I have been ignoring him. If I go in there to try to comfort him, it only makes it worse. He thinks his yelling is working, so he just gets louder. He is just about to turn is TOO SOON for him to go all day without a nap. Are you kidding me? Plus, him not sleeping during nap time is causing major melt downs around dinner time. This is a battle I will win (I hope), so we have been at war all week.

Night time he does great. He goes right to sleep. No problems. Nap time....not so easy. Today we played outside and I made sure he was worn out before his nap. But still during nap time, he yelled and yelled and yelled....then it was silent. Finally, I thought he gave up and we were on the right track. I peeked my head into his room and saw that he was still standing up leaning on the rail of his crib, but he was asleep. His head was like a bobble head. It was so funny. I thought he may decide to lay down, but I was wrong. I went to check on him again, he caught me, and the yelling began again. Do you think when he goes to preschool and they take naps, he will be the boy that is laying on his mat with his eyes wide open while all the other good little boys and girls are sleeping?

So, we are still at war with this, but if he is falling asleep standing up then he clearly is not ready to give up naps. So, the battle continues. Luckily Garrett has been doing wonderful! That boy can sleep! As for "That-thin", I REALLY hope that this napping situation is solved while he is still in his crib. :)


Anonymous said...

I swear you better not bring me another bitter beer baby for 6 month pictures! hahahah!
Saturday we had one that just discovered her sucky lip.. and WOULD NOT stop... we tried and tried and finally gave up!

And um... my son was like That-Thin. :o) At daycare he would talk and sing on his mat... but rarely ever sleep! He gave up the morning nap by age one and that second one was gone by 18 months! Im sorry!! I cant help much! I did make him stay on his bed though. And play quietly or read books. Sometimes he would fall asleep, but mostly not!

Kristy said...

I cannot believe that he is almost 2! WOW time flies!

Anonymous said...

My sister throws one good surprise party! Thanks for tricking me! I had a blast....didn't want it to end. I think I was funny???? Now on to your Matron of Honor duties. What do you do all day anyway?