Tuesday, September 23, 2008

6 Month Face?

What is with the 6 month face? When Jackson had his 6 month pictures taken, he made this face in lots of his pictures. Our photographer actually had this face in every scene that she took. She called it the "Bitter Beer Face." Garrett has just started making this same face....what is with this 6 month smile??

Meanwhile, we are stuck inside the house with all the blinds in the back of our house closed. When we ordered Jackson's swing/play set, we said we would like for it to be delivered and installed on Friday the 26th since his birthday is on Saturday the 27th. It is a gift from us, my parents, and Aaron's parents, so I don't want Jackson to see it until his party on Saturday. Well, the salesman talked us out of Friday. He said he doesn't like to do that due to weather. It could rain and they can't install it in the rain....which makes sense. So, he put us down for Tuesday - Thursday, made a note on the invoice to the people that install it that said "MUST BE INSTALLED BY FRIDAY. SON'S BIRTHDAY PRESENT." He said someone would call us that week to tell us what day and time for sure. Well....they called yesterday to tell me it was being delivered today, which is Tuesday. This is going to be a long week. They showed up this morning to set it up and I love it....only we can't let Jackson go in the backyard until Saturday....front yard only. I covered up the back windows with paper (the brown thick paper you put on your floor when painting a room...I can't think of the name) and all the blinds are shut. So far, Jackson just laughs at the windows. He thinks it is funny. It hasn't been a problem at all. He ran to the back door this morning when he heard the drills, but I just told him Daddy was tooting and he seemed to believe that - I wonder why?

Happy 30th Birthday Sis!


Anonymous said...

Ummm...Did you mean Happy Birthday Sis or Ocho Beu U Ocho Ching Chong Aunt M????

Kristin said...

How funny about the tooting part... hahaha!!