Monday, September 15, 2008

Trip to Wal-Mart

I had to go to Wal-Mart today....just me and both boys. It isn't their behavior I stress out about, it is where to put them so that I still have room in the cart for the things I need to buy. Normally, Aaron and I try to go together or one of us will just go alone. Aaron is working today and doesn't think he will be home until around 7ish and I wasn't going to dare ask him to go on his way home from work.....the Cowboys play tonight! What kind of wife would I be?!?! Since we were out of things we HAD to have (diapers, wipes, shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, hand soap, etc. etc. etc.) I decided I would just go.

I thought I may be able to let Jackson walk with me, holding on to the cart, and put Garrett's carrier in the seat on the cart....but after seeing a man that looked like he had just escaped from prison, I decided that was probably not the best choice. So, I put Garrett's carrier inside the cart where the groceries go and Jackson sat in the seat. Our shopping trip went well. No stress. I had everything arranged in the cart just right so that it would all fit around Garrett's carrier. Checking out for the most part was stress free until Jackson decided he wanted to play with his favorite toy....the credit card machine thing that they have sitting on the counter for you to use. I HATE that thing! He always wants to mess with it. It is a battle every single time. So...we were off. I had to push the cart slowly to avoid the bags falling into Garrett's carrier. (The check out lady didn't help me arrange the bags perfectly like I would have liked for her to)

I hate parking lots when I have the boys with me. They scare me. I always make sure I have my keys out and stay alert. I look everyone in the eye...I read that a killer, robber, whoever they may be, will less likely hurt you if you have made eye contact with them. You can identify them in a line up better. ???? Who knows if it is true! I never park next to a big van. I throw my purse in the car before loading the boys up, so it is out of site. I don't even wear my wedding ring. I want them to think I am just a poor little white girl, which is kind of true! Does anyone else stress out about this? Do y'all have any more tips? I know I am a freak about it. Shut up to those of you that are laughing at me!

So.......we are out the doors of Wal-Mart and we are heading to the car. I CAN'T FIND IT! Where I THOUGHT it was, was an empty spot. I just knew that's where my car use to be. I was pushing the lock button on my keys in hopes of hearing my car honk. Nothing. I just knew someone stole my car. I didn't know what to do....I didn't bring a bottle for Garrett because we were just taking a quick trip to the store, so what would I do while I waited for someone to come pick us up. My car had the car seats.... who was I going to call? Everyone is at work today so it would be probably an hour before anyone could help us. And while having all these thoughts in my head, I have to remember to stay alert and watch for bad guys in the parking lot.

Finally, from a distance, I see my car! There it is! Really dirty just like I left it.
You know how Wal-Mart has 2 sides? I parked on the opposite side than I thought I did. My car was safe, nobody stole it. We were safe, nobody stole us!

Happy Monday! Go Cowboys! :)


Anonymous said...

You totally crack me up! You need to take a chill pill! I would gladly watch the boys anytime you need to run to the store! Luv your stories!


Anonymous said...

Do what I do, always park on row 6!You just thought I was dumb for doing that!

Anonymous said...

My kids, and husband do that... forget where the car is! hahaha!

And um.. no... I guess I am a better target for Walmart freaks..cause I dont do ANY Of those things!!!! :O) But its totally ok if you do! we all have things that make us nuts!!!