Thursday, September 25, 2008

What parents do when their kids go to bed...

Aaron was outside putting mulch in the playground, so I decided to take a swing!

Do you like our lovely window decor? Classy huh!?
The mop had to go to time out tonight. I promise this was completely Jackson's idea!! It fell on his foot, made him cry, so Jackson decided it needed to go to time out. I was trying so hard not to laugh. I had to bite my bottom lip. The funny part is when Jackson gets out of time out, he has to give Aaron or I a hug and say "Sorry Mom" or "Sorry Dad." Jackson doesn't really know how to "switch rolls" yet (the mop should be telling Jackson sorry...if the mop could talk), so when the mop got out of time out Jackson said "Sor-ty Mop." I guess they are pals again.
I understand the mop's pain though. I also had to go to time out tonight. Jackson said I couldn't come to his birthday party, I pretended to cry, and he said "Time Out Mom." You have to be on your best behavior over here. He is strict!


Anonymous said...

Hey! You painted the rocking chairs. They look good!!!! Sister has skilzzzz

Anonymous said...

Do you want to come paint my house? I just need downstairs painted. Not even all of it! Just living, kitchen, hall, bedrooms and laundry room. PLLEEEAAASSEE!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you were having fun! I'm glad you gave us the heads up on all rules Jackson has. I'd hate to end up in time out! Jackson was again the cutest little face on Fox4 this morning. 6 more months and Garrett will be on there!
Love You,