Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Doctor Appointment

We were waiting for them to come in with the shots. That's why Jackson doesn't have shorts on.

Jackson and Garrett went to the doctor on Monday and everything went great!

Jackson -
Weight = 27.4 (40 percentile)
Height = 35" (70 percentile)
Head = 50 (80 percentile)

Garrett -
Weight = 19.9 (80 percentile)
Height = 27 3/4" (88 percentile)
Head = 45.5 (90 percentile)

Two things I find interesting about these numbers....

1) Jackson is now only in the 40th percentile for weight. I don't think he has ever been below the 80th percentile. He is still taller than 70% of kids his age, so you would think the extra height would add extra weight....but that is not the case for him. His doctor is not concerned. She thinks since he was such a big baby that he is just leveling out now.

2) Jackson and Garrett are only 7.5 pounds apart. How crazy is that??

Garrett has mastered eating rice cereal and all the vegetables, so his doctor gave me the go ahead with fruit. Last night we started with pears. I thought he would be so excited about this, but he made a sour face with every bite. He wasn't really crazy about them. He actually started spitting them at me towards the end.

Their shots went overall well. Right before the nurse came in to give them shots, Aaron and I talked to Jackson about the shots. He is old enough now to understand it. We asked the nurse to do Jackson's shots before Garrett's. We KNEW Garrett would cry, so I didn't want that to scare Jackson. Jackson laid on the table and held Aaron's hands. Jackson did not cry AT ALL. We were completely shocked!! Then it was Garrett's turn. If you remember, Garrett is NOT good with shots. Last time he cried when they rubbed the alcohol on his leg. Same thing this time.....he SCREAMED and SCREAMED. Jackson was actually the one that helped settle him down. The bad thing is, since Garrett is only 6 months he could only have 1/2 of a flu shot. He has to go back a month later for the other half. I will be sure to bring Jackson along to help coach Garrett through it.

Another thing I thought was funny was that at every check up appointment, they give you a print out of "Normal Development" for what your child's age range should be doing. It is broken up into sections. I found the emotional development for a 2 year old a little funny/scary. These are normally pretty positive, but for a 2 year old....looks pretty negative to me!
Emotional Development: easily gets upset and impatient, shows anger by crying, becomes frustrated when not understood, wants own way, asserts self by saying "no" to everything, reverts to baby behavior at times, gets upset when daily routine changes, shows sharp mood changes. I just typed that whole section. There is not one positive thing.
Needless to say, I am glad time out is working in our house. Jackson is understanding consequences more and more each day. Just saying the word "time out" is like magic.
Everything is going great at our house! I am LOVING the weather! We got the swing set at the perfect time of the year. I love being able to get outdoors now. We went on a walk this morning and I actually had to put a little blanket on the boys legs.


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