Thursday, September 25, 2008

Channel 4 Friday Morning!

Remember to set your DVR for channel 4 in the morning! They will be (should be) showing Jackson's picture for his birthday. They have been doing it around 8:15. :)
Fighting over a toy....
Garrett has started SCREAMING at Jackson when he takes a toy from him....a high pitch scream. Jackson has learned that if he takes a toy from Garrett, he has to bring him another toy. Garrett is trying to show Jackson that he means business!
Jackson eating with chop sticks at lunch today.

Jackson riding this cool scooter thing at a toy store at North Park. He loved it....
...and so did Aaron!

My dad was in the area and heard we were at North Park, so he surprised us!
Look at their arms holding on to each other - I love that!

This picture makes me laugh. It looks like Jackson is sad that Garrett is playing with his toys, but he really wasn't. He was just taking a break and watching Garrett play.

Since Garrett is sitting now, Jackson and Garrett are able to interact with each other more!! I love watching them play together! (I know I am using to word "love" a lot...but I just love it!)


Anonymous said...

Nice. You have pictures of them arm in arm and mom has pics of us with me hiding behind a chair because I hated your guts at that age! Well, sometimes I still do.