Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Online Shopping Disappointment.

I have been on the look out for a laundry hamper for Garrett's nursery. If you remember from pictures I have posted in the past, his room is chocolate and blue. I have been looking for a chocolate colored hamper. I came across this picture in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and I thought one of the floor totes would be perfect.
It was actually the chocolate with polka dots that caught my eye. His bedding has brown polka dots on it, so I thought it would be a great match. However, when I looked at all the color options (light blue, green, bright pink, chocolate, bright pink dot, chocolate dot) I thought just chocolate might be a better choice. I didn't want all the polka dots to be too busy. If you look at the picture there is a box that is solid chocolate, so I assumed the color pattern would be like that. Solid Chocolate with off white trim. So, I ordered the floor tote in solid chocolate.

I am one that tracks my online orders. I know the day my order is supposed to arrive. I open all my blinds that day and I am on the look out for the UPS truck to pull up. I love getting packages! I had errands to run today, but I called Aaron several times asking if the UPS man had arrived. It got later and later, and he still wasn't here. Tonight, I was sitting on the couch feeding Garrett his bed time bottle and someone knocked on the door. I could tell by the knock it was the UPS man. YEA!! My package was finally here!!! While feeding Garrett, I had thoughts in my head of cleaning his room, vacuuming, and putting the hamper in the perfect spot!! It was going to be so cute....

I opened it and it was not what I had expected. If I would have used my brain and looked only at the floor totes in the picture I wouldn't have been disappointed. The floor tote is like the pink floor tote you see with Brittany embroidered on it, but where there is pink in the picture, there is chocolate on mine. So, the majority of it is off white. I guess because the polka dot one is sitting next to that one, I thought it would look like that but without the dots.....I was wrong. Oh still's just not what I had in mind.

On another note - people are so amazed with double strollers. I am not kidding you, you'd be so surprised at how many people stop and look at Jackson and Garrett when they are in their stroller. I admit, I look at other babies when we pass by other strollers. But, I look as I am walking. It doesn't interfere with my walking. Jackson and Garrett will be well behaved, not making a sound, and people will literally stop and look. People will say "wow, you have 2." Don't a lot of people have 2 kids? You would think by people questions and comments that I would have twins in the stroller. And sometimes by peoples looks, I think they may be trying to figure out if they are twins or not....there are some idiots out there.

What is annoying is when I have to take the stroller through a door. It is harder because it is longer than a single stroller and you have to get through the door before it closes on you, but I can do it. It would however be a lot easier if someone walking by would offer to help with the door. Oh no....9 out of 10 people would rather stand back and see how I do it. Then you have the people that say, "both boys?" Well, let's see.....Jackson is old enough to tell he is clearly a boy and Garrett is dressed in blue. Really? Can you not tell?

We did end up having cake and ice cream for Rigley's birthday. Jackson's birthday is in about 2 weeks, so I wanted him to practice blowing out candles and understanding it all. We bought Rigley a toy, but Jackson was on a sugar high from the cake and ice cream and thought he would run around the house with the toy in his own mouth acting like a dog. So, Rigley didn't get to play with his new toy until Jackson went to bed. I took pictures, but I still haven't bought a new camera cord. I promise I will soon!