Saturday, November 28, 2009


On Wednesday, they boys and I went to Nana’s house (Aaron’s Grandmother) for a playdate with some of Aaron’s cousins and their children.  Nana has 3 daughters and is now up to 15 great grandkids.  In just 2009, 6 out of the 15 great grandchildren arrived…..2 sets of twins and Brooks and Chloe.  Unfortunately not everyone was able to attend, but we all had fun getting to spend the day with all the generations!  

blog   blog3

Jackson and Garrett playing with Cole

blog5 blog6



The boys looking out the window as G-Mom arrived with Molly and Claire -


Lunch Time!


Laura holding her cousin, Isabella - 


Dianne holding her “great nephew” Drake (twin of Isabella) and Brooks -


Making turkey cupcakes -  (Great idea from Shelly!!!) 

029    027

 034 035

It was getting to be naptime for Garrett, but the cupcakes seemed to give Garrett enough energy to continue on…..


Until we were done with the cupcakes, on to another project, and I decided that Garrett didn’t need the marker any longer…..


Although Jackson was trying to be the best big brother ever by giving Garrett a purple crayon to replace the marker…..All good things must come to an end……It was naptime!


On Thanksgiving Day, we only had one place to go since we had Thanksgiving with Aaron’s side of the family a few weeks ago.  We spent our morning at home watching the Thanksgiving parade on TV and then headed down to my parents house.


Aaron, Dad, and their neighbor John frying turkeys -


The boys finding trouble to get in to -  (no, they did not remove all the bark you see missing…..)


Happy Boy!

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 098  099

Showing Jackson the turkey -


Excuse the apron….


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I guess it is time to put up the Christmas tree.  Jackson has been saying for the past few weeks “First it is Thanksgiving, then we sing a song, then it will be Christmas.”  I don’t know where the sing a song part came from, but I guess that is what stage we are in now….we are singing!   :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What to do with extra painters tape.

With our house on the market, we have some of our big furniture we can live without in storage at my parent’s office.  One of those pieces of furniture is the train table, however we still have the train track pieces at home.  On special days, when I am okay with having a big mess of train tracks, I will help Jackson put it together on the entry way floor since it is a flat surface.  However, it always becomes a fight between Jackson and Garrett.  Just when Jackson builds the track perfect, Garrett will come by and destroy it.  “Mommy, I want to play with my train track” is one of the requests I secretly don’t love hearing.  It’s like saying “Mommy, I want to get really mad at my brother today!” or “Mommy, I want you to trip over my train track 1,000 times today!” 

The other day when I heard Jackson mention his train track, but he hadn’t directly asked me to get it out yet, I decided to be proactive and try something new.  I saw this idea on another blog and it worked great!  Make a road with painters tape and a little black sharpie!  Jackson was satisfied, Garrett didn’t have anything he could knock down, and I didn’t have 100 pieces of train track to trip over.  Everyone was happy! 

005001004 Garrett’s choice of cars are a little too big!  Perfect example of one of the ways he would destroy the other train track -  :) 003

A few random things -

1)  For those that left a comment on the last blog post saying that I should start a side business, you are all very sweet!  I actually have several orders coming up for the holidays.  One of the orders is for 200+ cake balls that will be used for wedding favors.  Others are for people to take to holiday parties and a wedding shower.  I love baking and creative projects, so earning a little extra cash here and there while doing something I enjoy is always nice!  So….I do have a LITTLE side business going, so e-mail me if you need anything!        

2)  If you click HERE, you can see Jackson’s Thanksgiving craft from last year.  It was featured on Tip Junkie today, which is one of my favorite websites!  Awhile back, the cakeball favors I made for Shelly’s baby shower were also featured on her site.  You can find that link HERE

Monday, November 23, 2009


A blogging friend of mine, Jessica, e-mailed me last week to see if I would be interested in making cupcakes for her daughters first birthday.  She e-mailed me the fabric that matched her daughter’s shirt she would be wearing at the party and from that I decided to design the newly popular cupcake toppers.  

The topper (minus the stick)


The cupcakes 007

Cupcakes with toppersblog1

Here are some cupcakes I made for my friend Kristin.  They were having a surprise party for her step-dad’s 50th birthday.

009 014 016 010 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Sister is having a……

girlThat’s right!  Although the Chinese Calendar, Intelligender, and the heartbeat all pointed towards boy, the sonogram showed differently!  It is for sure a girl!  IMG00149-20091118-1511  Congrats Sis and Ricky!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gobble, Gobble.

We had Thanksgiving a little early this year with Aaron’s side of the family so that Shelly’s husband, Justin, could join us before leaving to play winter ball.   

032Davy Crockett…… (This hat was actually Aaron’s when he was a little boy!) 


Jackson had a little bit of everything for dessert…..


Garrett’s favorite thing was whipped cream from G-Mom!  He LOVED it!

  040  055053 054  046 047 048 

Garrett loving on Baby Brooks!

122 120 121

Garrett seems so big compared to Brooks, but the crazy thing is that Brooks and Garrett are a tad bit closer in age than Jackson and Garrett.