Wednesday, September 29, 2010

(A More Real) Love Story

I know I haven't been blogging, but I had to share this video with all my Mommy friends. It makes me smile to know that maybe this is the life of others too.... :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day at the Lake.

Garrett was getting a little crazy with the water hose, so Jackson said "I will get you with my Super Duper Hot Glue Gun!!!!!"  hahahaha....okay maybe we spend a little too much time together.  
They really are best friends.  It kind of makes me sad knowing that one day they will each have another best friend that isn't a brother.  I really hope they are always this close. 
Such a sad face....
Sweet picture.  Aaron bought Garrett a new fishing pole so Jackson didn't have to share his.  This is Garrett sitting on the back porch playing with his new pole.
This is for you Dad....such a lovely palm tree.  :)
Fishing with Daddy and Pawpaw - 
Garrett was a little scared of the fish - 
Notice Rigley in the picture, too - 
Notice Jackson's eyes - 
They get to ring the bell when they catch a fish - 
Rigley is so good with the boys.  When they are on the dock, he is on guard.
Jackson and Pawpaw walking out on a sandbar....
Garrett throwing rocks....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dallas World Aquarium

My mom and I took Jackson and Garrett to the Dallas World Aquarium on Tuesday.  It was a nice change since the boys have never been there.  

First, meet our tour guide in the orange shirt, his name is Jackson.  :)
Our tour guy loved the pictures of the animals a little more than he loved the animals in real life.  This is my same child that loves the "Tell us how we are doing" book in the Brookshire's check out line. ha! 
Garrett didn't 100% trust some things, so he stayed close to Mom and I.
Not sure what Mom and Jackson are telling him here, but their faces look a little more scary than the animals!  :)
Garrett was showing them how big he was, too!
Here we are looking at the otters.  These were the ugliest little creatures, but they were our favorite.  They were putting on the best show for us.
The otters kept coming to where we were and looking at us.  I personally feel like they did this because the boys are just so darn cute, but it may have been because of Jackson's orange shirt.  I am not sure what the reason was, but we were the otters favorite and they were our favorite! 
The boys got to hand feed a toucan blueberries - 
Back to our tour guy, Jackson.  He loved all of the touch screen monitors.  He would try to find the animal we were looking at.  When we were by the fish, he was at the monitor and my mom said "Maybe we need to buy you a book with pictures of all the fish!"  and Jackson replied, "Or maybe we can just buy a computer with all the fish!"  
They were not too sure about the jaguar - 
It looks like Jackson didn't like his back towards the jaguar and Garrett had to keep his eye on it.
The jaguar didn't care for the flash on my camera.  He kept giving us 'the evil eye.'  
Tour guide....
Garrett is reaching out to be held.  He wasn't sure about the sharks....
Jackson loved them!
Jackson, the shark!
I love Garrett's face here - 
Had to take a break from the sharks and do a little more research....
Thanks Mom for a great day!