Friday, May 28, 2010

Aaron is on his way to he thinks!

I recorded Aaron on Hot on Homes using my Flip video camera. I know that is not the best way to record it, but it is easiest way for me to get it on my blog right now.  So here it is....enjoy!   

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Family Time at the Pool.

Aaron has been working a lot lately.  I am not complaining one bit.  We are blessed with his job at the railroad and how busy his irrigation company is, but sometimes the boys and I just need him around here, even if it is only for a few hours.

On Monday he had a little time at home before meeting a customer.  Lately when he is home, I crack the whip with things that still need to be done at our house.  However, it seems like that list will never end, so on this day I just felt like we needed to do something fun and that's just what we did....

We took the boys to the swimming pool!

On our way - 
Aaron loves this part of our neighborhood because you can see Downtown Dallas at night.  Those that talk to Aaron have probably heard Aaron tell you about this location a time or two....or three....or four!  :)
Our house doesn't have a normal chimney.  There is this box thingamajig that comes out on our back porch.  Our house is built "Green" and it has something to do with that.  Clearly I would not be good spokeperson for this thingamajig.  Anyways - my point of the story - Jackson has been asking if we don't have a chimney, how will HoHo {Also known as "Santa"} come into our house.  (It is May and I think Jackson has talked about Santa everyday since Christmas)  Aaron and I are still a little unsure about how Santa will come into our house.  We didn't think our 3 year old would think through it that much, but of course he did.  

When Jackson saw this fireplace, with a chimney, at our amenity center he said, "OHHHH!!!!  That's how HoHo will come here!  He will go down that chimney and walk down to our house!!!"  
{GOOD THINKING, SON!....I am glad you have that all figured out for us!}
This little area is neat.  It is a spot where our HOA could host  concerts, movie night, etc.  To the side the lawn has stadium seating....which I don't know if stadium seating would be the correct name, but you get my point. 
Checking out the place...
Garrett has no fear.  Hops right in.
Notice the "No Diving" picture that is next to the depth of the water.  Jackson said, "Look.  That says, no airplanes crashing into this swimming pool!"

Monday, May 24, 2010

Birthday Brunch.

My actual birthday is Wednesday, but we celebrated it with my side of the family Sunday with a brunch at our house.  

I was excited to see I even had a "real cake" from a bakery!
The boys were excited too....notice the missing frosting in the picture below?
Savannah was dressed in her birthday celebration attire - 
Harleigh and the boys played - 
A little bowling in Jackson's room - 
I thought it was so mature of Harleigh to put pillows against the wall to prevent the bowling pins from hitting the wall - 
Have you ever noticed my family always sits on the fireplace to open presents?
My sister's theme for my present was things that you never want to buy for yourself.  Stuff from Origins, Bobbi Brown make up brush, foot lotion, Kate Spade makeup bag, and a journal every mother with young children should have:
On each page there is a spot for you to write the quote/conversation, which child said it, the date, their age and where they said it.  I want to leave mine in the kitchen or on my nightstand so I can do my best to write down these little quotes I never want to forget.

Garrett loves looking at Savannah!
"Me read this book to baby Sa-bana?"  
Mom and Dad bought me......
drum roll please......
a new camera lens!!!!!
Hip Hip Hooray!!!
When my mom asked me for birthday ideas, I included it on my list, but I didn't think I would really receive it.  Let's face it though.....My mom knows it is really a present for herself so she can see more pictures of the boys.  It's a win win situation!  :)

Later, I walked into Jackson's room and Harleigh was having a talk with the boys as she was trying to read a book to them - 
"Now.....Jackson and Garrett.  When you get big and go to kindergarten, you are going to have to sit still while you are having story time.  No standing up while your teacher is reading.  No playing around.  It is very serious."
Of course the boys just sit still for Harleigh and worship every word she says....
Savannah didn't have to hear Harleigh's lesson.  She was hanging out with the big people!
Dad, Aaron, and Ricky were working on hanging the TV and dropping the cords in the wall.  (Aaron is in bit of an awkward position!)
Jackson thought they needed his help.
And Garrett wanted to spend more time starring at baby Savannah - 
Cake Time!  

No lighter, No problem!  Lucky for us, we have a gas stove now....
Notice Garrett looking at me while singing Happy Birthday.  After we sang and it got quiet, Garrett rubbed my leg and in his sweet little voice said, "Happy Birthday, Mommy."  He was so serious and sweet about it.
Savannah was the life of the party!!  That girl is a party animal!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yard Work.

Saturday, I hired a little sprinkler & landscaping guy to make some changes in our flowerbeds.  He was a pretty nice guy, I guess....
He didn't charge me much.....
And for some reason, my children kept calling him Daddy....
:) Only kidding...

This skinny little tree in one of flower beds was driving us nuts.  
It reminded me of a fake Christmas tree that needed to be fluffed.  Aaron dug it up and replaced it with a small knock out rose tree.  It looks much better!  Then, of course, the sprinkler head that our builder's sprinkler company** installed "wasn't good enough."  Aaron wanted a bubbler in that small area.  I thought that would be a whole long process to change it to a bubbler and told Aaron "Let's just do it's fine for now."  But, in less than 10 minutes my little sprinkler man had it changed to a bubbler.

(**We get this question often, so let me explain.  Our HOA requires every house to have a sprinkler system, therefore it must be installed when the house is built.  Our builder has a company they use.  With enough effort, Aaron could have probably installed ours instead of the company they use.  However, it would have delayed the process of our house due to permits, meeting with different people, etc.  So, Aaron and I decided that since it would already be Aaron's busy time of the year, just let their company do the installation and then Aaron could move and change whatever to make it how he wanted it to be.  So....I just wanted to explain that incase there was any confusion!:) 

He even had 2 little helpers - 
This little helper was having a pretend picnic though - 
After this part was complete, he wanted pull up some of the shrubs and replace with something else he bought and move around some of the existing shrubs.  I quickly ran in to change Garrett's diaper, came back out and he was already done.  That's when I said "Geeez!  You're serious.  I feel like I hired a REAL landscaper."  He didn't give me a very nice look in return.  :) 

We ran to Lowe's to buy a new lawn mower.  We have always had a ride on lawn mower, but with our smaller lot, we only need a push mower.  As the 4 of us were at Lowe's looking at the mowers, Jackson asked me "Why does Daddy need a vacuum to mow the yard?  The lawn mowers were outside."  Garrett then says, "Daddy vacuums our yard with that right there, Mommy!??!!"  Clearly they grew up in the country!

 Later that night, after Aaron mowed and I planted flowers, we turned on the sprinklers and let the boys have some fun.... 
I think they enjoyed it....