Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hard at Work.

Aaron has become the "Sprinkler Man" in my parent's neighborhood. There should probably be a sign at the entrance of the neighborhood that says "Sprinkler Systems maintained by Hydro Green Irrigation." (I even have a cake ball order from a neighbor! I think our children are drawing us in business in the neighborhood! They're loved by all out there!)

This weekend he is installing a new system which can take a few days, so I decided it would be a nice weekend for the boys and I to join him. It's nice when a job is close to my parent's house because he can work until dark and is still able to eat lunch and dinner with us and see the boys before they go down for bed.

(Let me clarify, when I say "join him" I actually mean join him by being a few houses down. Although Aaron has jokingly threatened making me dig ditches as free labor, that's not what I was referring to. I think if I attempted to help him dig, he would eventually politely ask me to go home after an hour of hearing me)

(The pictures below we taken Saturday evening....after the job....not while on the job!:)

Garrett thought it would fun to pick all of PawPaw and Grammy's flowers and throw them in the lake.

Caught one!

Jackson couldn't take his eyes off of the fish to look at the camera -

He loved it, but by the way he is holding Aaron's shorts, I think he was still a little unsure -

I guess even at the young age of 2, males begin lying about the size of the fish they caught. Here he is telling PawPaw how big his fish was.

Caught another one!

I LOVE this picture! So sweet! -

This morning, I walked the boys down to see their Daddy and Uncle Michael "fixing sprinkler heads with Daddy's screw driver" as Jackson always says.

Garrett liked the "Dog." (I know....that's not really a dog, but it was to Garrett!)

Aaron said if anyone else tried to fill up his holes he would be pretty ticked off, but Jackson has the right to break the rules!

Garrett didn't understand all of the holes. He got frustrated with us because we would not let him walk over the holes or pull out the pipe. In this picture, he was slowly sneaking over to one -

Michael hard at work -

Jackson was excited to find a "Pine Tree." (also known as a pine cone:)

You like those boots with shorts? Yep, my husband....he's bringing sexy back with those! haha.

Walking back home -

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shelly's Baby Shower!

We had Shelly's baby shower Saturday afternoon. I cannot believe little Brooks will be here in about 2 months. I can't wait to meet the little guy. Finally, Jackson and Garrett will have their first BOY cousin!

I spent the whole day Thursday making cake balls for the shower favors.....LOTS and LOTS of cake balls.....150 cake balls to be exact.

Here are a few pictures from the shower.

Carissa, Dianne, Shelly, Nana, Crystal, and I

Shelly and her best friend, Crystal

Shelly is someone I truly cannot wait to see become a mother. She is such a caring person, will do anything for anyone, and she will naturally be a wonderful mother.

Friday, May 29, 2009

My Birthday (Part 2)

Sunday afternoon we went to Aaron's Uncle Steve and Aunt Susan's house to celebrate my birthday and Dianne's birthday.

Before going I told Jackson we were going to go Uncle Steve's house and he would be able to ride the horses. He said "No Mommy! Uncle Steve AND Aunt Susan's house to ride horsey." Geez! I can't make any mistakes around him!

Garrett was scared, but big brother Jackson to the rescue.

And this is when things got slightly LOUD.....
Look at Jackson's face in the picture below. I love the way he is looking at Uncle Steve. ha ha!!