Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Battle of the Nap

I really don't know where to begin with this story, but where it starts is with the fact that Jackson doesn't like to take naps. For awhile, I have allowed him to lay on the couch while Garrett takes his afternoon nap. Sometimes he will fall asleep, sometimes he won't, but my main point is to get him to rest and have some down time. Lately however, he has been taking advantage of this and has not even been resting during this time. He looks for excuses to get up. And, I will be honest and say (and I think all mothers would agree)....I need nap time! I don't typically need a nap, but I NEED that quiet time or that time to do things I can't do when the boys are awake. With that being said though, Jackson is 2 1/2.....he still NEEDS a nap. If not, he is tired and cranky by dinner. If Jackson is cranky, our whole house is cranky.

This past Sunday I decided to buckle down and make him take his nap in his room. He cried. He didn't throw a fit, but I could tell he just didn't understand why. When my explanation didn't seem to work, I decided to make up a story. I told him that his doctor called me and wanted to make sure that Jackson was taking naps so that he would grow to be big and strong. I should have stopped there, but I kept going. I told him that his doctor told me about a new law that little boys and girls have to sleep in their rooms. Then since I said the word "law" I thought of police men. Jackson has a new police car that he loves, if we pass a police car he makes siren sounds, etc. He LIKES police men. I promise he knows they are good people! I told him that we want to make police men happy, so we have to follow the rules. I do not think that is bad! However, Aaron and a few others have lectured me about bringing in the police men. So, I only said that to him on Sunday, but just know that he DOES still like police men and he is not scared of them. I wouldn't have told him that if I thought he was unsure of them! We actually parked next to one at the grocery store today and he was very excited! "Peace-Man- Woooo-Woooo-Woooo"

Sunday he took a nap in his bed! YEA!

Monday. I had to meet my sister in Dallas for something, so my mom came by to watch the boys. At first I told my mom that she needed to make Jackson nap in his bed. Then I decided since it was only the 2nd day of it and Jackson has a way of winning over his Grammy's heart, I told her just to make him rest. I didn't want him to feel successful in battle of the nap!

Tuesday. We went to the store around 12:30. On our way home, his eyes were getting very heavy! I kept him awake until we got home. He was tired and it was obvious! I laid Garrett down in his bed, laid Jackson down in his bed, and then the battle began. Long story short, (kind of) I ended up telling him he could sleep anywhere in his room as long as Mommy doesn't see him. He knows that means, I will be in the living room, so you can't come in there. (When I type that, it sounds like I was being mean by saying "As long as Mommy doesn't see you," but he knew what I meant based on the rules. Any interaction he has with me during naptime, the less of a chance of him falling asleep) I think he just wanted to "pick his spot" like he used to be able to during naptime. He wanted to have some sense of power. So....whatever! I started doing things around the house and then noticed I didn't hear him. I looked down the hallway to his room and discovered Jackson sleeping.....here....

He was passed out! Although this is NOT the best spot and maybe we should have kept carpet in the hallway, he must have been okay with it if he was able to go to sleep. And of course, Aaron came home for a little bit and saw Jackson sleeping in the hallway and I got to hear "Kelli D'Anne! Don't make him sleep there!" I DIDN'T make him sleep there! That is where he picked. Best choice for us? No., but Jackson must have liked it.

I worried that he was going to be sore or wake up in a horrible mood, but he woke up as happy as could be. He even attempted to sleep in that spot for bedtime tonight, which I didn't allow, and he just grinned at me. Have no worries. Both of my children are peacefully sleeping in soft places tonight.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Little Cowboys.

Last Sunday, we went to Aaron's Uncle Steve and Aunt Susan's house to celebrate Randy's birthday. We ate lunch and the boys got to do a little horse riding! Here are some pictures....

Yee Haw!

Look at those cute little kid size stir ups Uncle Steve bought.

Garrett loved the horse's hair.

Garrett and his Great Grandmother, Gran (Randy's Mom)-
Here I go again, showing how fast they grow up. Look at the pictures below. We went to Uncle Steve and Aunt Susan's house this same time last year. Compare how much Jackson has changed, not to mention the fact that Garrett was still in my belly. I had him 5 days later.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Garrett's 1 Year DVD!

Here is the DVD my mom put together for Garrett's first Birthday. It is about 30 minutes long, so sit back....grab your morning cup of Java Joe (or popcorn depending on when you are watching this), turn up the volume, and enjoy your movie! Thanks Grammy for making this! :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy HALF Birthday to Jackson!

Yes, I am wishing Jackson a happy 2 and a half birthday! This is why I REALLY wanted Garrett to be born on March 27th instead of March 21st. I wanted each of their half birthdays to be on their brother's birthday. haha...laugh all you want!!! I thought it would be neat! We were so close!!!

Happy Half Birthday, Jackson!

How does this little baby......

Turn into this little boy....

So fast....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Questions Begin.

"Who's that Mommy?"

"What's this Mommy?"

The questions have begun.

Tonight I made Pioneer Woman’s Pasta Primavera. Pioneer Woman says this meal is "chick food" because it has a lot of vegetables and no meat. With that in mind, I thought it would be a good meal to make for Jackson, Garrett, and I tonight since Aaron is working. They always need some extra veggies! Both of the boys loved it! (Advice: Next time I will cook the vegetables longer than she suggests so they are softer.) Jackson was very excited about this meal. Seriously he asked me what every single vegetable was. Held up a pea - "What's that Mommy?" Held up a carrot - "What's that Mommy?" Held up squash - "What's that Mommy?"......
Then when he was out of broccoli, he asked "Where's more broccoli Mommy?" (Seriously?....more broccoli? Is this my child?)

Also, during dinner every single car that drove by our house, Jackson would ask "Who's that Mommy?"...... "Who's that Mommy?".....

So, I think the questions have arrived. I dread the "But WHY Mommy?" You know, the questions you really don't have an answer to.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Garrett's Stats.

Garrett had his 12 month check up Monday and everything is peachy! He looks good and is developing like he should be.

He is now allowed to eat anything (within reason...) except for peanuts and shellfish. I am so excited that he can finally have eggs and berries...and Garrett is excited that he can have chocolate!

Here is where he was, at 9 months -
Weight = 21.1 (70 percentile)
Height = 29" (70 percentile)
Head = 46.8 (80 percentile)

Here is where he is now, at 12 months -
Weight = 23.3 (60 percentile)
Height = 30 3/4" (75 percentile)
Head = 48 (89 percentile)

Basically, he is getting taller and thinning out as she predicted he would since he was/is a big baby.

Of course when we got home from Garrett's appointment (and our little "Mommy and Me" date), I pulled out Jackson's baby book to compare. Even though people always say that Garrett is a big baby, I still always felt like Jackson was bigger.

Here is where Jackson was at 12 months -
Weight = 23.14 (60 percentile).....Garrett weighs .16 more
Height = 31 1/4" (90 percentile)....Jackson was 1/2" taller
Head = 47.5 (80 percentile)....Garrett's is bigger by .5...which shocks me!

So, they are pretty darn close to one another. I find that interesting since I carried Jackson 37 weeks and 4 days and carried Garrett 37 weeks and 5 days (only 1 day apart), they were both exactly 7 pounds at birth, and Jackson was only 1/4" longer than Garrett.

So, based on this information, I would predict they will be about the same size when they are older....Jackson may be a little taller. However, I know their eating choices and lifestyle could change that...

While we were at the doctor, I only had 2 questions for her -
#1: Garrett sucks his thumb when he is going to sleep (or if he is mad...normally at Jackson for taking a toy:) I asked her what suggestions she had for getting him to stop. I know that everything is easier done the younger they are, so I didn't know if we should try to break the habit. She said she is not worried at all and that I should start seeing it less and less which I already am.
He has his little blue security blanket and then for his birthday he got a blabla monkey (which I love! Thanks Marla!), so I am hoping between the 2, he will one day find enough comfort in those to not need the thumb.
So...since our wonderful pediatrician isn't worried, either am I!

#2: Jackson wasn't at the appointment, but she said I can always ask questions about him since he only goes once a year. I have been a little concerned about his speech. Jackson talks A LOT and uses LONG sentences, however he isn't as clear as some kids I have heard that are around his age. I know kids develop at different stages, but I just don't want to miss anything. I asked her what is expected of a 2 1/2 year old and when/if I should be worried?

She went through the % questions -
What percent do I understand?
What percent do close friends and family understand?
What percent do strangers understand?

Based on this, I shouldn't be concerned. Since he does talk so much, we know that his hearing is fine and that it's just his articulation. She said most kids all even out when they are 3 and she feels it is actually better that he has the quantity over the quality. Things should be fine, but if not we will "take action" when he turns 3.
She also said that her daughter was telling clear, long stories at the age of 2. She said as her mom, she was patting her own back because she was so proud of her daughter and thought "my child is going to be better than the rest" like we all want to think. However, by the time her daughter turned 3, she was just like all of the other kids. So....they just all even out!

I think he is fine - and if not, it will be okay! I went to speech as a child and look at me....I am like a rocket scientist! haha, maybe that was a little stretch. Just a little...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Garrett's Birthday Party!

Party Favors for the kids....

I made these for all the kids. Jackson and Garrett's are not hanging up, so we are left with ONLY girls....Thank God Shelly is having a boy. Clearly we need more boys!!!!!

I made the bib for Garrett too! Can you tell I stay at home now? I have been in the crafty mood!

First we ate Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti <----click there if you asked me for the recipe.

Next it was time for presents....


I love Garrett's face in the picture below -

I know what to buy my brother in law for his birthday. Ricky, did you enjoy this book?

Notice Rigley on the fireplace. He must have thought the fireplace was the safest place to be....
Time for Cake and Ice Cream -
Bakery: Tart Pastry <---click there for those that asked!

This place is my new favorite bakery!

While Garrett was eating his little cake, Jackson thought since he was the big brother he could be sneaky and eat the big cake. However, he was quickly busted!
Crazy boy -

Video -

Time to play outside -

Sorry ladies - Michael is taken by his new four wheeler! Instead of standing with a significant other for a picture, we told Michael to stand by his four wheeler.