Thursday, July 31, 2008

4 Month Check Up

Gosh, I am tired tonight, but I must blog real quick since Garrett went to the doctor today! God bless you working moms...I don't know how I would be able to be a wife, mom, and work with 2 kids as young as mine. I am very proud of my husband for busting his butt with TWO jobs so I am able to stay home with the boys. Garrett's appointment was at 4:30 and I got home around 6:45. Just being gone that short amount of time throws me off of schedule with things that need to be done at home.

But I must blog tonight before shutting my eyes....

4 Month Check Up:
Weight: 16.12 - 85 percentile (Jackson was 19 pounds at 4 months)
Height: 27 inches - 97 percentile

*First Question for doctor: Skin rash
I was worried about his skin. He always gets rashes. On his back, stomach, arm pits, every part of his skin that the diaper touches, etc. It is like patches of really red, irritated skin. I was worried about my little WHITE boy. :)
Doctor said: We are going to start using Aveeno Baby Wash for babies with sensitive skin, use Eucerin lotion, and mix in hydrocortisone.

*She commented on his BIG BLUE eyes. I asked if she thought they would stay that way. She said she shouldn't say anything, because nobody can say for sure...but they look like they are going to stay blue. Normally she would see little brown speckles in them if they were going to change, but Garrett's are just blue. So, we may have one child with dark hair & dark eyes and one child with light hair & blue eyes. How weird is that? Garrett looks just like Aaron, so don't start with the Milk Man stuff!! haha! Although, the UPS man does have a thing for me....right Kristy?! Even Aaron said that!
Here is a picture of those BIG blue eyes in the waiting room....
By the way - today was Garrett's last day in the isolated newborn to 4 month waiting room. At his next appointment he will sit out in the normal waiting room. awwwww.....pretty soon he will be going to kindergarten.

Here is a short video I took while we were waiting for the doctor. This isn't the best video, but he gets so excited when he makes the paper make a noise.

Next doctors appointment: Jackson's 2 year check up AND Garrett's 6 month check up. Same day, same time, same doctor, 1 little room......a room that Jackson now has learned to hate because of the mean ladies with the needles.

By the way - Garrett cried when they touched his leg with the alcohol BEFORE the shot. He knew what was coming. He does seem to be doing better with this round of shots compared to the last.

Happy Friday! Stay out of the heat!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Beach Day Picture!

Here is the link to our photographers blog where you can find the Quick N' Painless Beach Day picture we had taken of the boys on Saturday. I am VERY proud of "Miss Cupcake" for being able to pull that picture off! They were tough little stinkers, but she knows some tricks to get them smiling in the same picture! ;)

Click on this link, the picture is under the blog titled "Sprinkles" from July 28.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

We started our morning by taking the boys to have their pictures taken at Cupcake's Quick N' Painless Beach Day. I can't wait to see the picture!! It is tricky getting a good picture of BOTH boys in the SAME picture (not to mention the fact that Garrett can't sit yet and Jackson can be a stubborn toddler every now and then:) But, I think she was able to get a good one! ;)
If anyone uses Cupcake Photography, be sure to check out her kitchen and bathroom. I was so tickled to see Jackson's picture in both of these places. The picture in her bathroom may mysteriously disappear one day...(HAHA, just kidding Karen)! It is huge!!! I want it for my own bathroom!!!!

After pictures we headed to the "place of germs"....Chuck E' Cheese. Randy and Dianne had Carissa's girls for the weekend, so we met them so the kids could play together.

Jackson LOVED this little carousel. Loved, Loved, Loved it....until.....
until.... the real Chuck E' Cheese appeared. This picture was taken right before the cry of fear happened. OH...MY....GOSH!!! Jackson saw Chuck E' Cheese from far away and was okay, but something about going around the carousel and then Chuck E' Cheese being so unexpectedly close (Look at Chuck E' Cheese's face in the mirror, he is a little freaky looking) Jackson's cry was horrible. Jackson immediately grabbed the pole to his horse as tight as he could. Aaron ran over to him as fast as he could. It was one of those moments when we were comforting him, but cracking up inside. I WISH I had that moment recorded. Chuck E' Cheese handled it well. He put his head down real fast and ran away from Jackson.
Garrett thought it was funny! (not really, he was smiling at Nana)
"Hey....that scary guy is looking at me again."

Garrett and G-Mom
Jackson and Nana....he is sharing his napkin with her.
Aaron didn't know I could see him, but look how focused he is on this game. I know he is trying his very best to beat the little kid next to him (who we don't know by the way). Aaron is NOT a good all! If I had to guess, I would say the little kid probably won the game though.
So, now when you ask Jackson....
"Do you love Mommy?" "Uh-huh!"
"Do you love Daddy?" "Uh-huh!"
"Do you love your brother?" "Uh-huh!"
"Do you love Chuck E' Cheese?" "Unt-Ugh"
On a different note, I didn't have to turn on Garrett's mobile for him tonight, instead he got to hear other music such as "Cheeseburger in Paradise," "If our house is a rockin, don't come a knocking," etc. Our freaken neighbors across the street have their radio playing just as loud as can be. They are driving me nuts. Our houses are on acres, so they are close...but not THAT close.
Rumor has it that last Saturday she ran down the street naked. Isn't that just lovely? Rumor also has it that they are letting their house go to foreclosure. That makes me mad, but at this point...can it get any worse? (Yeah, I am sure it still can...)
So, yes, I was just now "that neighbor," the one who calls the cops to complain. I am sorry, but if I can hear your music and your voice from my son's monitor....things are probably a little too loud. Why can't they just move their party to the inside of their house? Shouldn't they enjoy their last few days in their house before it is foreclosed on? A few weeks ago this was still going on at 5 A.M.
ugggghhh, some people! Why can't everyone just be normal like me!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ice Cream and Pee Pee

Tonight was a family fun night. We didn't plan for it to be any different than any other night, but it was just a fun night. (For once, Aaron was home and not working!!!!)

This afternoon, my Dad brought by the plastic pool the boys had swam in the other day at their house. Around 4ish, I put Garrett down for a nap in his crib, Aaron and I took the portable monitor in the backyard, and let Jackson swim in his pool. Aaron and I rocked in our rocking chairs (I felt like a little old married couple) enjoyed nature (did I just say that!?!) and watched Jackson swim. Then Aaron started grilling and I played with Jackson in the pool. Jackson is such a funny kid....the things he does just crack me up. He has such a little sense of humor.

About the time Aaron was done grilling, Garrett woke up from his we all went in and ate dinner. After dinner we decided we would take a little "road trip" to Coldstone. We have been trying to eat somewhat healthy, but it was just one of those nights I felt like it was appropriate to "break the rules." In the car, we asked Jackson what kind of ice cream he wanted and he said "B-nanananana i eam" (also known as: Banana Ice Cream) However, being the "budget lady" that I have been lately, Jackson shared with us. I seriously doubt he would actually eat banana ice cream. Garrett just stared at Jackson as he took every bite. He has really been watching every bite we take lately. I think he would be very thrilled if I let him start cereal, but I just don't want to take on an extra task yet when I don't have to. Our pediatrician says between 4-6 months, with 6 months being the best right now I am perfectly happy with just feeding him a bottle. I know they say once they eat solids they sleep better, but that's a bunch of crap!! Jackson showed me that was a myth.

So after we ate our fill of calories, yummy, ice cream...we came home and all played on the floor. At this point, it was about 45 minutes past Jackson's bed time, but I didn't care....we were having fun! Even Rigley was getting some positive, non-abusive attention. (non-abusive = Jackson was being gentle with Rigley)

Since Aaron was home, I decided I wanted to try to give the boys a bath at the same time. So, I put Garrett's infant tub inside the bath tub and filled the bath tub with water as well. Yes, this only gave Jackson about 1/4 of the bath tub since Garrett's tub took up about 3/4 of the tub, but Jackson didn't mind one bit. He thought it was the silliest thing that Garrett was in the tub with him. Everything was going fabulously, but in my mind I had a feeling someone was about to pee on someone. If Jackson stood up he may pee inside of Garrett's tub, and if Garrett was to pee it would shoot right at Jackson's head. So who's sprinkler came on first..............GARRETT'S....and for those of you who have never had the pleasure of having a boy.....infants have a REALLY FAR a rocket. Where was Jackson? Looking right towards Garrett's feet. It would have hit Jackson right in the face, but luckily my quick mommy hands shielded the pee and blocked it from hitting Jackson. Yes, I am saying my hand got peed on, but that is much better than Jackson's face.

I loved them taking a bath together. It was a lot faster, but there is no way I could do that all by myself yet. It did make me realize that once Garrett is a little older and out of his infant tub, bath & bed time will be a lot faster! Even though we can't give them a bath together every night yet, I do want to do that every now and then to help Jackson with "change" in our bed time routine.

Speaking of "pee," I ordered Jackson a potty chair today. He is about to be 22 months. He is still a little young for potty training, but he is showing signs. A friend of mine said to go ahead and put a potty chair in the bathroom for him. If he wants to use it, great....but if not, that is fine too. Just don't make it a big deal yet. That way when I start actual potty training, the potty chair will not be so scary for him. My goal is to have him potty trained by the age of 2 and a half, which would be March. (around Garrett's 1st birthday)....but I know they say girls are normally around 2 1/2 and boys are closer to 3 1/2. Gosh, that seems forever! I know never say never, but THREE AND A HALF???????? That's TWO more years!?!?!!?! No way....
To all you mothers, when were your kids trained? Dianne, don't even tell me what age you think Aaron was potty trained at....he is still peeing on the seat and forgetting to put the toilet seat down! haha, jk!

For the record - Jackson did this to himself. Promise! This kind of shows you his sense of humor. Looking at these make me laugh so hard!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Swimming Fun!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jackson's baby...

When I was pregnant with Garrett, my sister in law Carissa, bought Jackson a baby doll to help prepare him for the arrival of Garrett. Aaron, like all men,had very unpleasant things to say about the baby doll and never liked the idea, but I thought it was sweet. Jackson showed some interest in the baby doll back then, but nothing ended up with the rest of the toys in the toy box. Well, the other day, he discovered the baby doll. For the past few days he has really been taking care of his baby. He will get one of Garrett's diapers out of the drawer (I think it is funny that he knows to get Garrett's and not his own) and try to put a diaper on the baby, feed the baby a bottle, put the baby in the swing, burp the baby WITH a burp cloth on his shoulder, etc. It is very sweet! [minus the occasional "throw the baby across the room"] But as if our nightly bed time routine is not long enough with both boys...we now have another little baby we have to read to and put to bed. Tonight while we were cleaning up (see another story about this below) he took his baby into his room, got a book, and sat in the chair and "read" to his baby. How sweet is that!?!?!?! So I played along and Jackson and I put the baby to bed on a blanket in Jackson's room. I was not about the put the baby to bed in Jackson's bed.....I am okay with Jackson taking care of the baby, but I would not be okay if Jackson slept with a baby doll. That's too far...and my husband would totally lose it then. He is such a sweetheart. He is going to be a good Daddy one day.

Occasionally while we are cleaning up we will sing "Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody, Everywhere...Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody do their share!" I never really thought Jackson paid much attention to me. But tonight as we were cleaning up he started singing "Bean Up, Bean Up, Bean Up....." all on his own!! See...someone does enjoy my singing!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jackson really likes Garrett's mobile, so we let him get in Garrett's crib the other morning and the both of them watched the mobile go round and round. Free entertainment....

Story Time - It's funny how Jackson will try to imitate how I read to him.
Poor Rigley - Jackson is trying to catch him so that he can put shorts on him. Rigley never gets a break, but he is so good with both boys. He will let Jackson do whatever he wants to him. Yesterday Garrett grabbed a big chunk of Rigley's hair, and Rigley just laid there. I think he doesn't even notice it anymore.

Does anyone happen to know what the ingredients are in Chili's cinnamon apples? We think Jackson is allergic to something in them. He had some when he was a little over 12 months and after he ate them we noticed his skin turned red around his month. I thought maybe he was allergic to something in them or maybe his "baby" skin was just sensitive to the sauce. The other night we had Chili's and I fed him just a little bit using a fork to avoid getting it all over his face. I guess just from licking his lips afterwards, it was red again. So...I think he is allergic to something in them. He eats apples all the it is not apples. He has had cinnamon toast a few I wouldn't think it is the cinnamon. What else could it be? Does anyone have any ideas?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pictures and a Video

Garrett is starting to like the Jump-A-Roo more and more....Thank God...the Jump-A-Roo has the potential to allow me to do two handed chores!
Today as I was folding my clothes, Jackson pulled this shirt out of the basket which is one of his absolute favorites! (Yes, my Lawrence friends, that is a Lawrence shirt.) This shirts totally overstimulates him because there are so many types of balls on it. Every time I have it on he wants to point to every single I thought I would let him wear it for a little bit.
I must say, Jackson likes his sunglasses. These pictures were taken during his afternoon snack after his nap. They crack me up. He loves them.
This video is of Garrett grabbing Jackson's blanket. Jackson is pretty clingy to his blanket when he wakes up. He did not want his "Bubba" to take his blanket or mess with his cheerios. Of course, Garrett didn't have a clue what he was doing. He is still discovering that his hands are attached to him and go everywhere with him....he thinks they are cool toys!

Quick N' Painless

To my "Mommy Friends" -

I wanted to let y'all know that Saturday, July 26th, is Quick N' Painless at Cupcake Photography where I get Jackson and Garrett's pictures taken. This Quick N' Painless is Beach Day which is fun and easy since they already have their bathing suits from the summer. I am planning on taking the boys (Please, Please Jackson do good!!) Quick N' Painless is pretty inexpensive, so it is a cheap and fast way to get a good picture. Here is the link that tells you more about it. It also has sample pictures.

Monday, July 14, 2008

It seems like it has been a busy past few days. [Sorry for the tardiness] Last Tuesday, we finally realized it was 2008 and decided to get DVR. So, in my free time I have been catching up on The View and John & Kate Plus 8....which is a show that makes my home seem very calm.

We spent the weekend at the are a few pictures -
Milk and Cookies!

Look at this series of pictures of Jackson & Rigley (also known as "Gigley) at the lake. Look at how much he has grown.

Tomorrow I am going to take Jackson to the pool for the first time this summer. Lately he has had new fears, so hopefully he will enjoy it.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Universal Naptime?

This is one of those things that I need to gripe about, but since I no longer have the teacher's lounge to vent to...I will just vent here since my friends read this...

The freaken kids riding their 4 wheelers up and down the street during naptime are driving me nuts!!! I have both boys down for a nap and this is supposed to be my peaceful time of day, but instead every 20 seconds I hear stupid 4 wheelers flying down the street. [might I add that the kids are not wearing helmets and Aaron witnessed one flipping a 4 wheeler a few weeks ago] Last week it was 2 girls riding their golf cart around the street honking at their friend (who lives next door to us) every time they passed her house.

Parents....Naptime is from 1:00 to 3:00...please pass on the memo!

[I can't wait for summer to be over]

The Mean Neighbor

To the lovely neighbor across the street [owner of the 4 wheeler] who I have called the cops on for basing their music at all hours of the night [until 5 am] a few weeks ago [I have sleeping babies people!] ....since when did we start parking our truck in the front yard??? I know your house is not very cute and you might be trying to hide it behind your truck, but can you park your truck in the driveway or garage?

I don't mind, you can stay up all night long and drink beer outside. You can even put your tailgate down to sit on (or just use the lovely lawn chairs you have in your front yard already) but if you could just keep the music down and the truck parked in the drive way I would greatly appreciate it!

(For the record - for those that don't know me, I am kidding!....but they are getting on my nerves today!!:)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mommy won't be my hero forever....

Every week I get an e-mail from that tells me what Jackson and Garrett should be doing and things to look for. Here is part of what Jackson's said this week:

New this month: More self-assurance

You may notice that your toddler is a little more comfortable being away from you than he used to be. He may be willing to sit with a familiar adult, such as a grandparent, and listen to a story or try to tell one about himself. And his alternating demands for attention and autonomy may be less dramatic. In part, that's because his improving language skills give him a sense of control that he's lacked until now. He's more willing to attempt to master certain tasks on his own and might not need you to help her figure out how everything works, including his toys.

Maybe it just made me sad because I had the David Cook song "Time of My Life" playing in the background as I was reading it.....but this little boy of mine is growing up to darn fast. It seems like just yesterday he was the size Garrett is now....learning how to roll over. Now, he understands everything we say, he repeats everything we say (Red Flag for Aaron)...he wants to be rough and tough like a big boy.

The other day I sat on the floor to join him while he was playing with his blocks, and he just looked at me like "I am fine, Mommy." He enjoyed me playing with him, but it hit me that one day it won't be cool to play with Mommy....and then I got this weekly e-mail from and it just put it in writing that he will not always need me. What the heck!?

The other day, Aaron was playing with the boys while I was getting ready. Jackson said something (Now I can't remember what it was...) But, Aaron was excited about it and came to tell me and I said "Oh, I know, he has been saying that all day." After saying that I felt so bad. Aaron didn't think anything of it, but I felt awful! Aaron does miss things because he is always at work. I should have acted like I had never heard Jackson say that before. I remember going to work and getting upset because I knew I was missing so much. I am so thankful I am able to be home with the boys. Garrett is no longer this little bitty baby. He is growing like a weed. In a few more months, he won't even want me to hold him so he can take a little cat nap. I know how it works. Once he learns to crawl, all that snuggling baby stuff is out the window. He will want to get down and explore. It all goes by so fast.....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Garrett is so ready to play with Jackson!
He watches him play all the time.

This picture cracks me up!

Congrats to my sister! She is engaged! :)