Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle

My parent's wonderful neighbors, Larry and Glenda, were having a karaoke party the other night. My parents, the boys, and I (Aaron was working. Maybe we will see him in the Fall? Busy, Busy) went early and left before things got crazy, but Jackson got things going by singing his ABCs and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for everyone.

What this video doesn't show is Jackson saying "Thank You! Thank You!" when he was finished. That was the best part!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun Find Friday!

I put forth much effort to go to the store about once a week and have our menu planned for the entire week. I always write on our dry erase kitchen calendar what the meals are for the week.

However, in reality, it never fails that the day I desperately need to go to the store something goes wrong or comes up that prevents me from going. Then I am left standing in front of a nearly empty pantry trying to be creative for my hungry family. It happens to us all, right?

I came across this website: SuperCook and I think it will help in those moments. Simply type in the ingredients you have on hand and it generates a list of links to recipes. I think it will also help when you are craving something and want to find a recipe with that specific ingredient in it.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

In the Kitchen with Jackson.

Here is a recipe that is good, quick, and fun to make with kids. The toppings are endless, so the kids can pick their own creative combination for their own personal pizza.

  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  • Cut English muffins in half
  • Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with dry Italian seasoning
  • Place in oven for 6 minutes to lightly toast
  • Remove from oven and spread English muffin halves with pizza sauce
  • Top with cheese and toppings of your choice
  • Bake 8-10 minutes

I really don't know that I should actually refer to this as a "recipe." It's more like an idea of something "little hands" can make.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

15 Month Check Up.

How does Garrett measure up at 15 months?

Weight: 24.02lb (50th percentile)

Height: 32" (75th percentile)

Head Circumference: 48.6cm (88th percentile)

Let me take a moment to point something out for those of you that still say Garrett is a big baby. See where I put 50th percentile next to his weight??? That means he is right in the middle....out of all 15 month old babies, half are bigger than Garrett and half are smaller.

I just find that interesting since I still hear what a big baby he is. THEN, if you consider that height adds weight and Garrett is in the 75th percentile for height...he is really thinner than some of the babies that actually weigh less than him? Do you follow me??

And now, because I like to do this.... Comparing Garrett @ 15 months to Jackson @ 15 months

Weight: Jackson: 25.4lb., Garrett: 24.02lb. = Jackson weighed 1.38 more

Height: Jackson: 32.5", Garrett: 32" = Jackson was .5" taller

Head: Jackson: 48.5cm, Garrett: 48.6cm = Garrett's head is .1cm bigger

At this point, Jackson weighed more, but he was also a little taller. They are still pretty darn close in size. Thanks to their PawPaw (my dad) and Grandpa Jordan (Aaron's dad, Melvin), they both have big heads!

As for his check up, everything looked great! Garrett is a healthy, happy 15 month old!

Our next appointment is in September and it will be a "double." Jackson for his 3 year and Garrett for his 18 month. I remember our first "double".... Jackson was 18 months and Garrett was a newborn. Time sure does fly.

They're All Different.

Early in my pregnancy with Garrett I had "a tiny little visitor" to put it politely for any male readers. I called my doctor in fear that I was having a miscarriage. After having one child, I felt like a pro. I knew the whole routine and spotting wasn't in the routine I knew.

As Aaron and I were waiting to hear back from my doctor, we were getting ready to head to the hospital....I was sure that's what she would instruct me to do.
However, without concern, my doctor informed me that all pregnancies are different and there was most likely nothing going on. At that point in my pregnancy, if my body was trying to have a miscarriage, there wasn't anything that could be done. Rest was the only medication, therefore she told me to take it easy for the weekend and stay in bed.

As we now know, she was right. She was absolutely right. My pregnancy with Garrett was different. Not just that incident, but many others weird things along the way. This should had been my sign. Different pregnancy....different child....no 2 pregnancies are alike....no 2 children are a like....

When Jackson was around six months, I bought this Zutano (my favorite brand for little ones) diaper cover.

I thought it was adorable, but he never wore it. When Jackson just had on a diaper, it was due to the fact he got lunch or dinner all over his outfit. At those moments it never occurred to me that now would be the perfect time to put on that cute diaper cover. It just wasn't practical.

Fast forward to child number two.....he NEEDS a diaper cover. However, I don't care what the diaper cover looks like. It can be hot pink for all I care. What I care about is that it will prevent this:

Although Garrett often ends up in just a diaper after dinner, the past few nights we have discovered Garrett walking from one room to another in the nude. He has learned to pull his diaper off and put on a big smile as he walks into the next room to show us what he accomplished.

I didn't get any use out of that adorable diaper cover when I bought it for Jackson, however Garrett is going to get lots of use out of it. In fact, I think I need to go pick up a few more.

Time after time, Garrett is showing me that no two children are alike.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Morning...

We went to church with Randy and Dianne Sunday morning at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall. Aaron and I were both really pleased with the church. The service was wonderful. The Pastor does such a good job relating the message to your own life, which is what is important for me. I wasn't lost, I wasn't confused, I knew exactly what he was talking about, and Aaron and I left with a positive message to apply to our own life.

This was both Jackson and Garrett's first time to EVER go to child care. I LOVE their whole system. It is extremely secure which I found very comforting. Very hi-tech with parent pagers and all.

We took Garrett to his room first. I was holding Garrett, one of the teachers put out his hands for Garrett to come to him, and Garrett just went to him without any problems. I don't even think Garrett looked back.

Next we took Jackson to his room. Jackson in his "I'm such a big boy with my cool backpack on" mood, went right to his teacher as well. From being a "retired :)" teacher, I know it is worse on the child when the parent hangs around. I always wanted to tell parents, "JUST GO!!!! You're making it harder on the child!!" However, I knew Jackson couldn't see me so after he walked away I watch him for probably .025 seconds before I walked away due to Aaron, Randy, and Dianne laughing at me. Really....it wasn't long!!!! He was just so confident like he had done it before. He looked like he was in Kindergarten.

When it was time to pick them up (after we did the neat check out system!) we picked up Jackson first. He was a happy boy and had on a police badge sticker, which we still don't know why he was the only one with this on. We have asked him, but no answer. Aaron and I asked him 1,000 questions about what all he did, but he didn't tell us much other than he had fun and "I want to go again!"

When we went to pick up Garrett, we spotted him before he spotted us. He was perfectly content. He was being rocked with one other baby, very calm. Then he spotted me and the bottom lip came out. He lost it....started crying....real tears, snot and all. I guess seeing me, made him remember that I left him there. Sweet baby.
They said he was happy and great the whole time! He even had a little sticker on his diaper that said "Changed with Care." Isn't that cute?!

We had a great experience and hope to go back soon....hopefully next Sunday!

Friday, June 19, 2009

"Hi. We're the Lobsters."

"Doctor, must we strip him down to his diaper? I really think he can have his check up wearing this hat? Look how adorable it is...."

Tuesday.....Tuesday.....Tuesday. That is when Garrett is going in for his 15 month check up. I am normally confident, without many worries at his check ups, but this appointment I am hoping, wishing, and praying about.....

He is sunburned. I'm such an awful mom!! We have been in the sun a lot this year. I always lather both boys up with sun screen. I put a hat on Garrett, but it normally lasts about 2 to 5 minutes and he throws the hat in the water. However, because I THINK I know how to out smart my young child, I apply sun screen to his scalp. His hair is thin, so his scalp is an easy target for the sun. Sunscreen applied to scalp.....normally a success.

I, an irresponsible 27 year old, hardly ever wear sunscreen. I should, but once I have one good burn, I start to tan. (see....irresponsible and now I will add the word stupid 27 year old) Tan fat looks so much leaner than white fat, don't ya think?!

I have my things that "work." No sunscreen for me, lather boys up including Garrett's head, and we outsmart Mr. Sun!

Well, as it turns out, this past Tuesday, Mr. Sun outsmarted us.
My thighs are BRIGHT red (Thank you Tracy for the Aloe Vera plant! It helped a lot!) and Garrett's head is a little on the pink side. His really isn't THAT bad, but I am sure any comment from the doctor like "Have y'all been swimming this year?" is going to stress me out. I will assume she thinks I am a horrible mother, I will start sweating, I will turn red which will only add to the redness in our family. Oh, geez!!

It's only Friday. We have a few days to regain our paleness. Maybe I could put make up on him....... kidding.

From now until his appointment, if you see Garrett outdoors, don't be surprised if he is covered with clothing from head to toe and the only part of his body you can see are his eyes.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Blog Look

I designed my own blog using this digital scrapbooking kit and Photoshop....

I designed my own last time, but this time I did the background as well. Here is the deal....since I am new to this, measurements may be off. On my laptop, everything looks great. However, when I pull it up on the ole' desktop, it is HUGE, doesn't fit on the screen, and it looks as if it has a weird green film over it. This particular digital kit does have a vintage look to it, but my desktop made it look slimy, not vintage.

If you would be so kind, please let me know how the size is on your computer. Do you have to scroll left and right to see the whole thing? Is the font HUGE or normal? Is the "body" of the blog inside of the greenish box or does some hang over?

All computers are different, so I just want to know if everything looks correct on most computers.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Garrett & Corlee Sittin' in a Tree...


The boys and I met my friends Christy and Courtney and all their kiddos at Christy's neighborhood pool today. Christy's daughter, Corlee, is the baby that is only 3 days older than Garrett. Watch how sweet the 2 little love birds are -

Here are just some random videos of the kids playing -

In this video, Gentry is showing Jackson how you can pretend to make the water fountain look like "pee pee." Jackson didn't completely catch on at the time that this video was taped. However, later when 2 teenage girls were laying under the fountain, Jackson decided that it would be the perfect time to make it look like he was "going potty."
He [rather loudly] said "Jackson is going pee pee....Jackson is going pee pee." What is it with boys?! haha...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Boys, Boys, Boys.....

We bought Aaron a new trailer on Saturday and I think the boys are just as excited as Aaron.

Saturday, Aaron had to go into work (railroad) and our plan was when he got home around noon we would go buy the trailer. Jackson was well aware of this plan. That morning I decided to make a Starbucks run. Jackson loves to have the window down when we drive through Starbucks. The lady at the window said the standard greeting - "How are you doing today?" and Jackson decided to loudly chime in from the backseat - "We going to buy Daddy a tray-er today." He was pretty excited about Daddy getting a new trailer....

My car desperately needed to be washed, so Sunday morning we let the boys put on their bathing suits and have some fun outside. Their favorite part of the morning....Daddy's trailer.

Hard at work!

A little later in the morning, I decided it would be easier for me to just run my car up to the car wash and use that vacuum instead of ours. Garrett was down for his morning nap, so it was just Aaron and Jackson. I was gone maybe 10-15 minutes. When I pulled back into our driveway, this is what I saw....

Jackson HOLDING WORMS. Are you kidding me!? I leave him home with Aaron for 10-15 minutes and Aaron turned my sweet little boy into a dirty worm holding boy. Thankfully Garrett was asleep!

Kristin, the picture below is for you! I always lick my lips when I concentrate. Kristin has made fun of me for doing this since we were in 4th grade, if not before. Bless Jackson's heart, he does the same thing!!

Last week, Randy and Dianne came over for dinner. Randy mentioned something about the boys having a drum set one day...he was joking. I really don't remember the conversation because we didn't think much about it. However, Jackson must have been paying attention to the conversation.

The next day Jackson took a long afternoon nap and had trouble falling asleep that night. He kept getting out of bed and telling us he "can't" go to bed. Finally Aaron said something like "If you go in your room, close your eyes, and count doggies (yes....dogs!), then you can have a special treat tomorrow." Jackson then whispered to Aaron, "G-Mom and Grandad going to buy me that drum?!"

So, when Dianne came over to watch the boys Friday night while we went to dinner for our anniversary, she brought Jackson a new drum. THANKFULLY it is a "not too loud drum." It's not QUIET, it's just not too loud! :) Saturday morning I actually woke up to the sound of the drum next to my head.

Sunday morning, Aaron decided to start a marching band. Aaron's instrument is obviously homemade and be sure to notice Aaron's belt he put around Jackson to hold his drum up. Sometimes I think Aaron has more fun than the kids! :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

2nd Child: Monkey See, Monkey Do

Garrett has a new fascination with Jackson's potty chair. He sits on it, smiles and says "Pee Peeeeeee, Pee Peeeeeee."

No, No, No....all you older generations and Super Moms that magically had your children trained at 12 months, don't get any ideas. I am NOT going to take this as a sign that Garrett is ready to be potty trained. He's not.

(Although I do like thinking that this time next summer we will possibly be DONE with diapers in the Jordan household. By that time, it will be almost FOUR straight years of diapers at our house.....one of those years, they were both in diapers.)

I am seeing how much faster and easier it is for the 2nd child to learn things when they are this close in age. There are so many things that are easy for Garrett because he has been watching Jackson do them for some time. This gives me hope that it will be easier when it is time to train Garrett.

Friday, June 12, 2009

What we didn't know.

Five years ago, Aaron and I walked down the aisle and made a commitment to love each other from that day forward, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as sorrow.

We never knew how much our life would change in the following five years.

We lost Aaron's Pappa shortly after becoming engaged, but we didn't know we would lose the remaining three grandfathers before our 5th wedding anniversary.

We didn't know we would discover becoming pregnant would be a difficult path, but would be blessed with two healthy baby boys before our 5th wedding anniversary.

We didn't know I would quit teaching, Aaron would work two jobs, so that I could stay home with our children.

We didn't know that Aaron's dad, one of the men who enjoyed our wedding the most and was the only guy that actually enjoyed watching our wedding video with me to its entirety, wouldn't be here to tell us congratulations today.

We didn't know each other like we thought we did, we didn't even know ourselves yet. We didn't know love like we thought we did.

Aaron and I have experienced those good and bad times like our vows warned us about and now I can honestly say I love my husband more today than I did on our wedding day.....and I thought I loved him then! I am who I am today because of my wonderful husband and the family we have created.

(Clip from the end of our wedding video)

Guess what I was doing 5 years ago......

Tying the Knot!!

No worries...I will be posting more.

This is just a scheduled post to announce:

Today is our 5 Year Anniversary!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Oh....That Phase?"

14 months. The time when my laid back easy going child is becoming a little demanding.

He used to be so easy. Now...ummm....not so much. He used to be perfectly happy during dinner. He would eat whatever we gave him. Now, he just whines and literally throws food at Rigley.

"Mama Mama Mama Mama Mama" is what I hear all day long. I would be PERFECTLY 100% okay with that if "Mama" was truly what he wanted....and sometimes it is that simple and he does just want me. However, he often just says "Mama Mama Mama Mama Mama" instead of saying "Screw You! This Sucks! I'm Bored! Let me do what I want to do!"

Tonight he was upset with me when it was time to come inside, so he was crying and doing the whole "Mama Mama" routine near by me. When I would put my arms out for him and he knew I wanted to comfort him, he would run away and throw himself at the nearest wall or on the floor. Then he would get up and do the whole cycle again. I think he just wanted to know that I was offering to hold him, but he wanted me to know he was mad at me as well. It really comes to a point where you just have to laugh. Jackson was even laughing at this point.

If Garrett were my first child, now would be the time when I would panic that he is going to be a cry baby for the rest of his life. However, it was at this age with Jackson that he wore Aaron and I out. I remember feeling like it was because I was 7 months pregnant, working, tired, and my parenting skills must be lacking. I remember thinking "if I can just get to March, I can be home with him full time and he will know he is my first priority. (other than a newborn)"

Jackson out grew that phase and Garrett will as well. I actually remember reading one of Marla's blog post: And so...the parenting begins... (about 8 months ago) and feeling her pain because I had just finished (finished? I don't know if that is the best word since it is never "finished.") that stage with Jackson, but knew my time was coming with Garrett. Well.....it's now that time!

I really do believe kids all (somewhat) go through the same stages. However, knowing now (with Garrett) what I didn't know then (with Jackson), helps me literally laugh at the situations.

A few months ago was the first time Garrett tried to wiggle/cry/hit his way out of his car seat as I buckled him in. I quickly remembered how quickly I forgot about Jackson doing that. With Jackson I stressed...."Oh no!....How will I do this when he is older?!", but the phase ended and I forgot about it. So, when Garrett had his first car seat battle, I just thought "OH!! We're in that stage now are we?!" as I was winning the battle I was more prepared.

So.....we are going through a little "I'm frustrated and can't communicate" phase with Garrett right now. Simply a phase. A phase that will pass.

However, with all this being said......he is still calm, laid back, sweet little Garrett when he is satisfied and rested. The child LOVES to sleep, so when his sleep is messed up - he tends to be grumpy.

LUCKILY, (crossing my fingers) Jackson has been PERFECT lately. I know I have heard "3 is the new 2" for terrible twos....but maybe "2 is still 2" and we are wrapping the terrible 2s up with Jackson as we are preparing for Garrett's......

Our (lovely) Front Porch.

Dear God,
Once again, you created the miracle of life, now please give the 3 little baby birds the strength to fly so we can knock down their nest and be free of bird poop.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pudding Paint!

I originally got this idea off of Jon & Kate Plus 8. I thought it would be great for Garrett since he still tends to put everything in his mouth.

Pudding Paint Recipe:
*Instant Vanilla Pudding
*Food Coloring
Mix pudding according to directions
Add food coloring for desired color.

You can also use different flavors of pudding for different colors of paint.

When I added the food coloring to the pudding, some food coloring got on my fingers, and I worried if I should have used different flavors of pudding so that it would easily come off of the boys. However, once the food coloring was mixed with the pudding, it was not a problem AT ALL. It came off of their skin and the table extremely easy.

We used paintbrushes today, however if it wasn't as windy outside, it would have been great to do as finger painting outside!

Garrett saying "Ewwwwwww!" which is what he does when he gets excited about something! See his little lips...

Garrett (of course) was first to discover that the paint tasted good!

Jackson was laughing at Garrett and told Garrett it's not okay to eat the paint.

But then Jackson decided to give it a try....

.....and loved it!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Productive Parenting Website.

I came across this wonderful website and I wanted to share it with you all that have young children. It is www.productiveparenting.com

I really try to work with the boys on different skills, but I often go blank and want new and exciting activities that are age appropriate. This site will e-mail you with daily preschool activities to do with your child.

Also, many of you e-mailed me about Great Wolf Lodge after our family went. I wanted to share a coupon code that I received with those of you that are still considering going this summer.

20% off!!
Must book by 7/1/09. Promo Code: GREEN

Friday, June 5, 2009

Holy Cow!

Aaron was home for dinner tonight at a decent hour, Jackson and Garrett were excited to see him, so what does our family do after dinner when we are happy to be together on a Friday night?? We go out for ice cream! Aaron has been craving the new peach milkshake from Chick-Fil-A, so Chick-Fil-A was our chosen destination.

Jackson and Garrett have been to Chick-Fil-A a lot, probably too much. However, tonight they were a little on the hyper side. We were there around 8:00, so there were several families inside, but it wasn't packed. It was crowded, but yet pretty quiet......quiet until Garrett spotted a cow.

"Mooooooooooooooooo! Mooooooooooooooooooo! Moooooooooooooooooooooo!" [while pointing at cows] over and over and over again. Cows were everywhere, Garrett was WAY over stimulated. Then Jackson joins him. We were ordering at the time, so everyone in line and all the workers were cracking up. It actually would have been a great commercial.

Jackson is old enough that after he did it a few times, he was done. But Garrett......he is 14 months......he spotted lots of [fake] cows......there was no stopping the excitement. He was serious and determined.

We were already considered eating outside, so after we got our ice cream, we took our little cows outside to eat.