Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Playing Ball.

 Garrett has a lot of power when it comes to sports.  I am not kidding.  If you give him a ball of any kind and a stick, he is going to hit it.  Therefore, if Garrett has a golf club and you see he is getting ready to putt, don't stand behind him....
 ...you may need the "Boo-Boo Bear" from the freezer. 

Bless his heart.  You can tell by his face he didn't mean to hurt anyone.
 All good little ball players, must stop for a good nose picking -

 I love this one -
 Laughing with Daddy....

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

I wanted to get a good picture of the boys together, but what I got was a lot of pictures that just make me laugh out loud!

It started with Garrett standing alone....

....while Aaron and Jackson chased Jackson's hat that kept flying away!
Then Garrett decides he needs to smell the flowers.....
Garrett REALLY likes flowers.....
Here they are both facing the front, but I think Jackson may be "shooting the bird".....
Garrett's back to the flowers.....

I mean, SERIOUSLY Garrett!!

Aaron got to go to the World Series tonight, so he missed out on the trick or treating.  One day, the boys will understand why Daddy picked the World Series over Trick or Treating.  ;)  With that being said, I will hide all of the good candy from Aaron!  It's only fair!  :)
The boys and I went trick or treating with our "New Neighbors/Old Friends."  We went to high school with Crissy and Rob.  Their son Grayson, is Jackson's age and they are expecting another little boy in January!  They live across the street and the boys are loving it!

Rob, Grayson, and Crissy
Garrett, Jackson, and Grayson
This house was so neat!  They had a projector screen on their garage and they were playing a Halloween movie. 
This guy had on a scary costume!  Poor kids, most of them were really scared of him, but Jackson stayed and took as much candy as he could!
Later on, back at Grayson's house digging into their goodies -
We all had a great time!  The boys were worn out! 
Cute quote from Jackson I have to share:
Before leaving the house tonight I was looking for Rigley so I could put him in his cage.  Jackson asked why Rigley couldn't go with us and I said something like "Dogs don't need to go trick or treating."  Jackson said, "Mommy!  Dogs can to go trick or treating!  They are nocturnal so they can see really good at night!  He sleeps during the day and he can see at night!  Right Mommy?  He is nocturnal so he can go trick or treating with us!"  He thought he has it all figured out!

Kids are like little sponges.  I have talked about nocturnal animals and I have talked about dogs being able to see in the dark, so he put it together and assumed Rigley must be nocturnal.  Makes sense!