Monday, August 17, 2009

Time Out: Not Effective for Adults.

If you didn't read my last post, do that before continuing to read this post.
We know males and females are different. They see and do things differently which is why opposites attract. Some may think women have the tendency to bicker about unnecessary things, which is why men have selective hearing. Aaron learned that maybe he should listen to his bickering wife more often.

If you remember in my last post, Saturday Aaron kept throwing the ball at the house and I kept telling him to stop because I thought it would lead to one of the LITTLE boys breaking a window in the future. Jackson finally decided Daddy needed to go to time out for not listening to Mommy.

Fast forward LESS THAN 48 hours later.....We have a broken window that wasn't broken by a LITTLE boy, but the biggest boy of the house. Aaron keeps saying it was an accident. Had this happened Saturday, maybe I would agree with him. However, after the ball hits the window multiple times and then finally breaks, I am not sure I would call that an accident. He also said (and I am actually laughing as I think about this) that he is just glad that he was the one that broke it and not one of the boys. HA! This statement would make sense if he was saying "I am glad the bee stung me and not one of the boys..." or "I am glad I am sick and not one of the boys...." but little boys are expected to break windows, not 29 year olds!!!! If Jackson or Garrett broke a window at their age, I think I would be a little impressed and see a scholarship in the future.

The window is a double pane window and luckily only the outer glass broke. Aaron called different places while I decided to take the less is more approach and didn't say much didn't say too much. With our house on the market, I don't really think a broken window would be appealing to a buyer so I wanted it fixed in TODAY. He finally found someone who could come out today, but as it turns out the lines on our window and the size of the window are hard to match. The window will not be replaced until Wednesday so I am desperately hoping we don't have any potential buyers looking at our house tomorrow.


Marla said...

I know it's not funny...but it is!! When will they learn that we just know best?? haha