Sunday, August 16, 2009

Outside: Great for Releasing Stored do kids have so much of that?

My oldest child, also known as my husband, kept kicking the soccer ball towards the house. He had the male selective hearing thing going on at the time and decided to ignore me asking him to stop. Yes, it was a soft soccer ball, but it was the fact that the boys were watching him do this which would result in a broken window one day. Once the ball actually hit the back window, Jackson and I had enough and Daddy went to time out!!

Garrett is confident in his skills....he loves to clap for himself!

Check out Garrett's shirt. It is Linus from Charlie Brown that always carries around his blue blanket. The way the shirt is, Garrett's head is in place of Linus' head. Make sense? I thought it was perfect for Garrett since he is beyond obsessed with his blue blankie.


Marla said...

Geoff has that male selective hearing thing going on sometimes, too. But I never thought of time out. Good idea! ha!

And love Garret's shirt!

Anonymous said...

I havent seen it but I will definitely go look for it! Hoep they still have it, it would be perfect!!

He is 17 months now. How much is your son talking? Carson only says a couple words and its starting to worry me. Hes done perfectly fine with all his other milestones but as far as the talking...I feel like hes falling behind. My oldest started talking around 14 months so guess I expected Carson to do the same (I'm trying REALLY hard not to compare them but its hard). Hes had his hearing checked and is above average as far as all his motor skills and such, but I just wish hed start talking!! (he says mama, hi and cookie, the dogs name).