Monday, August 3, 2009

The Swings Swung...a little too high....

Saturday morning, the boys and I went to Canton with my mom while Aaron was working on a sprinkler installation near my parent's house. We had a great time at Canton, hung out at my parent's house, then when Aaron was finished working for the day, we all headed home. It was around 5:00, so we thought it would be a good night to go to the hospital to visit Shelly and Brooks.

On the drive home the weather was bad so I began to think that I should stay home with the boys while Aaron's goes to the hospital alone. When we got home, Aaron jumped in the shower, I opened up all the blinds, the boys and I noticed the swings blowing like crazy, and I checked the weather online in our office. Right as I see online that Kaufman is getting hammered, I hear Aaron yell " (insert bad word here) The swing set is gone!!" I immediately laugh because #1: How in the world could our swing set be GONE? #2: I JUST saw it less than 30 seconds ago.

I run into the living room and see Aaron throwing on his rain suit. I look out the back window and see the swing set flipped over on its side, pieces broken off, wood everywhere, and laying in the back part of our backyard near the back fence. Aaron runs outside, I yell at his brother Michael who was in the other shower (he helped with the sprinkler installation), Michael runs outside, and the boys and I just sit and stare out the back window.

I wanted to cry. Jackson got that for his 2nd birthday....he will be 3 on September 27th. We only had it for a little over 10 months. That's what the boys play on when we go outside. That's what they love.

When it storms and winds are strong, I always worried about the tarp ripping. Never did I think the whole darn thing would blow away. We feel like the tarp is actually what helped it to be pulled off the ground. The bad thing is their Little Tikes picnic table didn't even move.

The swing set DOES have a warranty, but not for "An Act of God." I called this morning to see if it would be covered under our homeowners insurance. It is covered, but with our deductible it's not worth it.

Our goal has been to put our house on the market at the end of the week, but now Aaron has another project to take care of. We are going to have to pull up the area we had for the swing set and lay a pallet of grass. Even though it makes me sad, everything happens for a reason. Maybe looking out the back window and seeing the land will be more appealing to a buyer than seeing the swing set.....maybe our kids were getting a little too brave and we were about to deal with broken bones.....or maybe this was our sign to stay off of the road that night...who knows.

Here are some pictures of after Aaron and Michael moved it closer to our house. It could have been A LOT could have landed on our roof, went through a window, landed on Aaron's truck....etc. So, we were lucky if you can call this luck....


Kristin said...

Oh my goodness........... way worse than I pictured in my head.... I just can't believe it!!!!! I am so sorry!!!!! ughhh!!!!

Marla said...

That's crazy! I'm glad nothing else was damaged!