Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our Funday Sunday!

It's official. Our house is on the market!
Hopefully this will be a fast process, but I know I am probably having wishful thinking since it is a buyers market. When we first decided to put our house on the market I was so ready to sell, but then as I started to clean, organize, and de-clutter I had my moments when I liked our house again. This is our home...our first home....our home we brought our newborn children to....there are times when I love calling this home, but reality is, we're growing and our house isn't.

Since it is officially on the market (actually Monday) and I am finished doing things on the inside, I spent all day having fun with the boys!

We spent part of our morning outside -

Why does Rigley let them do whatever to him?! It's raining mulch on Rigley....

Reason #101 of reasons why having young children and your house on the market isn't easy - They think throwing mulch all over the sidewalk and then at the plant is fun!

(For the record: I let them have their fun and cleaned it up after the fact. I will still let my children be children and bite my OCD tongue!)

We then went inside, I walked out back to water the new grass Aaron laid where the playground area was (yes, my husband is a sprinkler man, and yes we have a sprinkler system, however...he is on call with the railroad, got called to go out of town, and didn't have time to adjust the sprinkler heads before he left. So this means I had to step up to the plate and use the water hose.) Anyways, back to my point - as I walked on our back porch, what did I happen to see!? One lovely little snake sitting on the back porch. Normally I would run inside and make no attempt to kill him, but for some crazy reason I decided to be Super Mom, Super Wife, and Super Dog Protector.

After convincing myself that throwing my flip flop on it probably wouldn't kill it, I ran inside, locked the door so the boys couldn't go out, ran to the garage, looked at my options, decided on a shovel, grabbed the shovel ran through the house, yelled at Jackson "DO NOT open this door even though Mommy is on the back porch. You, Garrett, and Rigley stay inside!" and ran outside to let the battle begin.

The snake was in the same spot, appeared to be calm, which led me to believe he would be an easy kill. I hit him with the shovel and that sucker QUICKLY went under the grill. I gave him a second to think I was gone (and to give my heart a break from jumping out of my chest) then I moved the grill. There he was in the corner, I hit the corner over and over hoping the see a snake cut into a million pieces, however he got away and I couldn't find him anywhere. maybe I didn't look for him very hard at that point....but I didn't know WHERE he was, which was enough for me to throw the shovel down, run inside and lock the door.

Later when Aaron called home from work, I was proud to tell him my attempt to kill the snake. "Kelli!? Why didn't you grab the hoe?! Aaron! I picked the shovel over my flip flop...can I have some credit?!"

My parents came over this afternoon to see the boys (and me of course!) and we decided to take the boys to a park in Forney. This is the same park Aaron and I took them on the night we didn't get to go to the circus, but today we let them do the water area and they loved it!!! I can't wait to go back once school starts and it is only younger kids there.

I have to share something I thought was sweet that my Mom heard: Jackson and another boy that was a little older than him were playing together at the water gun thing shown below. The boy told Jackson to "squirt that kid." That "kid" just so happened to be Garrett. Jackson didn't listen to his new friend and decided to protect his brother instead.

However - in our own backyard, Garrett better be prepared because Jackson will soak him! That brotherly love isn't always so strong at home!

In the picture below, Garrett is leaning down and calling this little girl "baby."


Marla said...

You are a better woman than I! I DO NOT LIKE SNAKES AT ALL!!!! I would have run inside immediately and then probably had nightmares for a week.

Mama Weir said...

Kelli - we go to that park all the time! You should let me know next time y'all go so we can let the kids play...Maddy asked about Jackson quite often:)