Friday, August 7, 2009

Night at the Circus - It was a good IDEA anyway....

Thanks to my sister, we had free tickets to the circus. She got them from one of her "connections" that works at the American Airline Center. We could go any night, we just had to give the box office these passes in while they exchange them for the best seats available!

Aaron is back on call with work, so Thursday morning we decided if he wasn't called out we would go to the circus! Since we have never taken the boys to the circus, we really prepared that by showing them videos of the circus on the computer. We wanted them to be excited....and we were successful in doing this!

Knowing the earlier we got to the AAC, the better our seats would be, we had a quick dinner at Wild About Harrys. We thought a yummy hot dog would put us in the circus mood!

Jackson and Garrett's meal came with an ice cream, so they quickly enjoyed their ice cream before we rushed them out the door. We had FREE tickets and I wanted the BEST seats! Maybe we could get front row! It's was Thursday night. Surely it wouldn't be crowded, but I am not a risk taker and wanted to get there early.

As we are driving around looking for the a parking lot, I saw a sign which read "Tonight's Event Sold Out." Yep....that event that we got the boys so pumped up about was sold out. We couldn't trade in our passes for tickets if there weren't any tickets available. Never did we think the circus would sell out on Thursday night or we could have exchanged them earlier in the day.

We were so disappointed. Garrett could have cared less, but when we told Jackson we couldn't go he said "Yessssss we can too go.....Ugh huh!" At that point, Aaron and I were just trying to think of where we could take them that would be fun. At that point, we would have suggested the zoo if we weren't loosing daylight. We couldn't even go out for dessert since they just had ice cream.....remember, the ice cream we rushed them through?! Every idea we had, Jackson said no to, but we finally got a smile when we suggested going to a playground.

They both had a blast at the playground and forgot about the circus....but Mommy and Daddy were sure upset!

Garrett was sliding down the wall you're supposed to climb up and he thought he was the funniest kid ever.


Sis said...

Aunt M is so mean!!!! UGH! This still makes me sick. I think I need to go get them that 27" dino at Target - what do you think? I think a roaring dino would make your house sell quickly!