Friday, August 21, 2009

Ribbit, Ribbit.

The other morning started off like every other morning.

  • Jackson and Garrett woke me up.
  • Jackson went potty.
  • I went potty.
  • I changed Garrett's diaper.
  • Jackson looked for Rigley's leash so that Rigley could go potty.
  • We couldn't find Rigley's leash (which isn't too abnormal!)
  • I told Jackson not to worry, Rigley wouldn't run away.
  • Jackson started to whine while saying "He WILL run away. He WILL run away."
  • I grabbed one of Rigley's toys and told Jackson if we squeak the toy after Rigley is done going potty, he will quickly run to us.
  • Jackson was on board with this idea, so Jackson, Garrett, Rigley and I all went out the back door.
  • Rigley took care of his business.
  • We squeaked the toy.
  • Rigley ran to us.
  • We all turned around to go inside and I notice a FROG on the door. Yes, ON the door. The one unlocked door of the house. The one door I had to get my 2 young children, myself, and our dog through without the frog jumping into our house since the door opens into our house.
  • I told the kids to get back (meaning back up into the grass) while I thought out my plan.
  • Jackson responds with "No Mommy, me and Garrett don't have our shoes on and there could be a snake in the grass." (Maybe I need to start keeping my fears more of a secret)
  • I was about to hit the frog with the dog toy (a shoe would had been a better choice, if I had been wearing shoes...) when I realized the frog was probably on the door when we came outside in the first place and it obviously didn't bother him when we opened the door.
  • I threw Garrett on my hip, opened the door, and we all quickly ran in frog free.

Aaron got home from work shortly after breakfast and Jackson and I told him about the frog. After hearing the story, Aaron opens the back door and while standing next to the OPENED door (remember, door opens into our house) he asked "Where was the frog at?" (I am really starting to believe Aaron never hears a word I say! geez!) I look at Aaron and the frog is still in the same location which is about one inch from Aaron's ear. Aaron shuts the door, gets a jar, and I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story....

The frog is sitting on Jackson's dresser and I am trying to figure out the best way to get rid of it. As of now he gets upset when I touch the jar because he doesn't want Garrett to break it, so it must stay in a certain spot on his dresser.
Is it too soon to talk about life cycles with Jackson and how frogs have their time to go to heaven? Or what about reproduction? The frog needs to be free in order to create more frogs....maybe I need to keep thinking....


The Thomas Times said...

Maybe just start with the "starve to death in a jar" story. Jackson would not want this frog to die in his room! Or you could get an aquarium and make a nice cozy home for the frog. The pet store will sell you bugs and stuff to feed him! You crack me up!

Sis said...


Marla said...

What is it with you all and reptiles and amphibians?? haha