Friday, June 5, 2009

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock.

I know, I know...time has been passing, but yet I haven't blogged since Monday. Shame on me.

It never fails, when I go a few days without posting (in my mind I know that I need to blog, does that count?) I will start getting those short sweet little e-mails from people asking what the heck I have been doing., my dear Aunt Kelly was my motivation to get my butt to the computer and blog. :)

Things have just been slightly on the busy side around here. Nothing is really going on, just life and my daily dose of a house full of testosterone.

Aaron recently switched to being on call with the railroad, so him not being on a regular schedule job throws my daily schedule and routine off. His sprinkler business is crazy busy right now, which results in more paper work on my behalf. It often seems like a full time job for me. I have many job descriptions these days, but then again, so does he.

So, this blog is just me writing to say "I'm alive and I admit to being a bad blogger this week." If it makes things better, I will leave you with some pictures I took the other morning of the boys playing outside. I know a blog is always better with pictures! :)

Garrett, drinking and driving. I PROMISE the cup is empty! Promise, Promise, Promise!! Trust me, I drink every last drop of my coffee. Plus, Garrett is becoming our wild child. Coffee for him would equal major punishment for me.


Aunt Kelly said...

Shame on me! I give you a hard time and then I haven't read your blog in over 10 days! ha ha. Love all the pictures - they are growing up so fast! Miss you guys!